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Please fix the balancing in Versus Online on Captain Tsubasa!

Mer 04/11/2020 - 16:50

Hello, I'm an italian player and I'm writing this big message in English because I really care about this game and I would like to see more people, but the overall playerbase is almost dead in ranked because everyone is exploiting some mechanics in the VS Online mode. I hope that the developers see this, and realize that they need to act fast to ensure that the online component is...playable, at least.

My biggest complaints about it are:

1) The PC version of the game is still full of bugs. I have a friend that plays it on that platform, and he sends almost DAILY new videos to me about problems due to the lag issues. This game NEEDS the rollback netcode, because it's very inconsistent.

2) The Tachibana Twins: they are too good, and everybody uses them to exploit the game in many different ways. The most common are: the block in the DF area (which can be easily accessible even if they are literally on THE OTHER SIDE of the field), and the Skylab Twin Shot. First of all why is this shot the strongest in the game? Why it can be so easily accessible even to custom players? Why my DF cannot stop it before it starts? I have an idea on how to fix this: in online mode, I would put something like a hidden "fatigue meter" for all the combination shots. In that way, no matter if you're in the 1st or 2nd half, if you do more than 3 times the combinations (like Carlos & Alberto, Pascal and Diaz, The Tachibanas, The Tachibanas & Jito, Ryan & Blake and so on, you get the idea) the characters will automatically fail/not activate the shots because they're tired and they would not be coordinated anymore to do it properly. And if you try it anyway, you would get punished with no stamina left. BUT, to make this system fair, if you have the V-Zone activated, you can do it anyway, but the shot is less effective.

3) Shots like the Analyze shot, Arc Bridge Shot and the Miracle Drive Shot are the new meta of the game because they are simply put...too strong! They can dumbfound easily even the strongest goalkeepers. They need to be nerfed for the online component of the game, because if you add a custom character to these shots, you can break any GK and score every time.

4) I would NOT allow, to make a fair game, to use my custom characters in ranked online mode because:
- They break the game, they can easily outmatch everybody.
- A normal player doesn't know which skills these characters have before the match starts.
- They simply ruin the meta of the game in ranked mode, because players can use these characters to spam the best shots with no effort whatsoever.

5) The Goalkeepers problem: I understand that not every GK is equally strong or good, but in online mode the only VIABLE is Muller, or maybe in some cases Wakabayashi. That's because the shots can be buffed with dribblings and they can stack skills no matter what. GKs like Hernandez, Azwan, Keizinho are overshadowed by Muller, because he has more stamina, more resistance and most of all he can at least block a Skylab Twin Shot ONE TIME only. Muller has also a weird bug sometimes that if he gets a score, he doesn't block the next shot even it the stamina meter is maximized. And one more thing: why the game replenishes the whole stamina bar of the GK if the team gets a point? It doesn't make sense at all. It should replenish only when the opponent scores, to make it fair.

6) Toxic Playerbase: we need ASAP a button to report a player if the name of the team/custom character could be considered offensive. I've met players with horrible custom names like "COVID-19" or "I R**E U", "FUK U" and so on.

7) Pluggers: there are many players that quit before the match ends. To make things fair, if someone does something like that (and believe me it's very frustrating), the winner should be awarded with more XP and rank points, and the quitter should lose double XP and double rank points. 

8) A choice on who to face in VS Online Mode without punishment: I like the idea of seeing the opponent's team and choosing my uniform before the match starts, but why I can't quit the match BEFORE I START IT? If I realize that on the other team there are Tachibana Twins, it's obvious that the other player wants to spam the Skylab Twin Shot, and I don't wanna play against this guy/girl. If I quit before the match starts, I shouldn't be punished and lose points, because I didn't accept to play against my opponent because I didn't even start to play the match!

9) Weird bugs and glitches: Sometimes my player doesn't run with the ball even if I get it and he stays there stuck in limbo. Sometimes my GK simply refuses to block even the simplest shot. Why is this happening? I don't know.

10) Lastly, the combination Hyuga + One Shot, Certain Victory: This affects ALSO custom players with the same V-Zone Skill. Simply put, if a player with enough strenght and enough buffs and with a good super shot activates the V-Zone and the shot successfully arrives in the GK area, the GK cannot block it. Even with full stamina. It's unbalanced and needs to be nerfed immediately ONLY for the online component of the game.

Please Bandai Namco, before developing any DLC for this game, focus on the balancing. And also to whoever can do this, send this message to the developers so they can read it!