Soul calibur VI missing moves

sam 23/11/2019 - 00:25


I recently began playing SCVI on xcloud and mostly like the game, however I've noticed MANY characters have missing moves that were needlesly taken out and don't really affect the new fight systems


For example, yoshimitsu has a foward kick, where he spins. And in previous games afterwards you could press kick again, and do a forcefull forward kick that knocks down opponenets if it hits.

He can no longer "8 way run" while in the flea stance, like before  or do an upward kick, that leads into an aerial  grab combo. 

There isn't a guard impact in the sitting stance like befire and these unique moves made yoshimitsu a grear character. 

I could list missing moves and sets from each character but woulx need to write a book to do so, instead of getting "new" moves for season two. Can we please just get old moves and movements that were taken out for seemingly no reason? 


Asife from the missing moves, ive noticed health is way too low in comparison to previous games as well.

Id hate to call this a bad entry, but it doesnt feel as good as all previous titles, considering the missing content, low health and drastically altered characters :(