Shinobi striker

So i love the shinobi striker game and i play with my boss ninja and i love missions i have 2 queations is it possible to have a village system in the game where u can create ur own village or clan in the game if u can create your own village can u make a create ur own headband  system but not for evryone (must reach jonin rank) also why is there no rank after jonin ? I completed all the missions. I think the communityv will be better off with a more in depth interactive system also instead of readying up with strangers can u create a lobby system wherw eveyone goes into a pregroup ewith eachother before they enter the game  to discuss strategies them have a are u ready button for evryone and a corup leader that can kick people out etc  a looking for group board u know where people can join. Lastly i want to discuss more healer and female ninjas in the store plz -_- we have one of both and thier the same ino shino options also more cute stuff for males in the store i love the bunny ear boxing gloves sakura shirt and himawari stuffed animal :) i love them xoxo ty !! Yea please comment bandai i know ur development team is working hard i just want u to make all the ninjas dream come true ( im verry creative )