What is the most sure-fire way to get Namco to port old PS2 games onto PS4's Store?

Fri 15/02/2019 - 12:00


I would absolutely KILL to be able to download Urban Reign, the old PS2 Namco game, from the PS store, and play it on PS4, or even on my old, still-functioning PS3. I believe a fairly large number of players would be willing to pay for it if it were ever released that way. What's the best way to make it happen? Who calls the shots when it comes to what games should be ported over to PSN? Is it Sony, or is it the developer \ publisher of the game in question, i.e. Namco?



11 months ago

 The one person i can think of is Harada from Tekken  as he is active on Twitter . Though i think Namco doesn't care what we as fans want to make from Ace Combat collection , Kolonoa , Ridge Racer and Xenosaga but hey they keep making those anime games not many asked for .

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7 months 3 weeks ago

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Hello! We have appreciated your passion for this old Namco Title =) Our top priority is to improve our services and games, so we are always happy when players give us direct opinion of what we can improve =) For this specific case we cannot promise for a positive outcome, but we will be more than happy to forward your kind request to the attention of our Team,

If you have more suggestions, don't hesitate to write a message at anytime =)