What are the benefits of QuickBooks for Mac?

Mon 08/02/2021 - 14:31

There are many reasons businesses want to run their QuickBooks on Mac – Apple is multimedia-based and runs its hardware exclusively. Or maybe a company simply prefers working on Mac. However, one running QuickBooks on Mac system has certain limitations – a huge problem arises while attempting access data remotely. A solution to these issues is to host your QuickBooks on the cloud. Data integration and company file sharing become easier with cloud hosting. Below are some more benefits of hosted QuickBooks for Mac.

1. Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility
With hosted QuickBooks for Mac, you are not stuck behind the desk as it allows you to access files from multiple locations. As multiple users can access the data simultaneously, it offers a truly collaborative experience.  So, as far as access is concerned, you are independent of your local network. One of the most obvious benefits of QuickBooks hosting for Mac is the high-speed online response of the software. As QuickBooks is installed and running on highly optimized servers of cloud providers, it is easier and convenient to access files even when you are on the go.

2. Reduced Infrastructure Cost
With QuickBooks hosting for Mac, you don’t need to install any versions of QuickBooks on any of your local systems. As the software is installed and running on the terminal cloud servers, there is no need for your company to invest in continually upgrading your IT infrastructure. As cloud hosting offers features like automatic upgrades and technical support, your business needs fewer resources, thus helping you save money as well as time.

3. Enhanced Security
Whether you are a small business owner or a giant player in the accounting industry, the importance of data is the same for all. Loss of financial data can result in a catastrophe. Most cloud hosting providers maintain their remote server in highly secure data centers with redundant equipment. Your data connection remains safe with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification and features such as multi-factor authentication and anti-virus system. Whenever you connect to cloud with QuickBooks, all the data is transmitted in encrypted form. The cloud is a 360-degree secure platform, and it’s almost nearly impossible to penetrate its security layer.

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1. Invoice E-Payments
Collecting payments in cash can be a tedious task in this digital world. If invoices can be created and sent digitally, why can’t payments be made the same way?

With QuickBooks for Mac 2020, users can create invoices in which they can accept online payments via a credit card or bank transfer easily. Sign up for a QuickBooks Payments account and send invoices with e-payments enabled.

2. Dark Mode
Perhaps the biggest and ‘darkest’ change that comes with QuickBooks for Mac 2020 is the Dark Mode. You need to have the Mojave Operating System, and you can go ‘dark’ in your new version of QuickBooks.

It is a nice change to have because it gives your QuickBooks software a refreshed look while reducing the stress on your eyes.

3. Company Snapshot
Everyone loves a dashboard that provides a clear company overview and makes all the information readily available.

QuickBooks for Mac 2020 comes with a similar dashboard where the users can customize the layout according to their needs – move widgets from one place to another, change date ranges, and configure the type of graphics. In short, the users get an enhanced snapshot of the company ongoings.

4. iPhone Scanner Integration
Apple has a very loyal userbase, which means that users who use a Mac also use an iPhone.

So, they wish the two of them to sync together easily; the same goes for QuickBooks. With the latest version of QuickBooks for Mac, the users can easily upload text searchable images from their iPhone cameras to their QuickBooks for Mac.

5. Bounced Check Processing
There might occur a situation where you receive a check from a customer, and it gets bounced because of insufficient funds. The bank will charge you a specific fee for the same. It can quickly be taken care of in QuickBooks for Mac 2020.

The software records the bad transaction, and you can also charge your customer for the same.

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