Vesperia: DE Bugs/Issues and Ideas: Hoping BANDAI NAMCO sees this!

Tue 29/01/2019 - 10:41

I've finished Tales of Vesperia many times on xbox 360, PS3 and now Switch.
I want to express my findings and ideas I've come across and thought of that would make this super jam-packed game even better. A nice patch if you will, even if they were to charge a few dollars for it (The more sales means the more likely we'll get more English ports right? Right!). The ideas I've come up with will give players so much more flexibility for New Game Plus and add more ways of replayability. 

Bugs/issues: (I'm playing on Switch)

***Game crashes occasionally
***Revive status doesn't take effect if cooking effect is active
***Estelle's healing AI needs adjustment, she regularly targets allies that are closer to full health before those that are near death.
***Estelle also prioritizes artes that heal the party when only one ally needs healing.
***When the battle ends, any healing effects are prevented, unlike in other Tales games. (Example: First Aid, TP is consumed, visual effects play out, but the actual healing doesn't happen)
***When getting interrupted from casting, just after casting the spell when TP is consumed and the character partially voices the spell,
the spell gets cancelled entirely.
***Judith never uses Guiding Moon when controlled by AI, there's no option in the strategy for this either. When the player tells Judith to use Guiding Moon,
Judith only charges to the first stage, 5%TP. The charge amount might be better relied on her TP usage setting. (Example: Use 75%, Judith will charge to 15%TP)
***Areas in the game that are supposed to be dark can easily be navigated without any light source.
***Press and holding the target button usually changes target without any directional input.
***Using the shortcut right-stick occasionally uses an unintended arte, usually the opposite direction. This can happen with the cooking shortcuts too.
***Several monsters indefinitely run away during the length of the battle and never attack, makes the battle more frustrating than difficult
***Volume of the new skits needs to be louder
***AI controlled characters sometimes get stuck running towards an enemy between the edge of the field and another character
***One of the icebergs in the Blade Drifts only reacts to the sorcerer's ring in a specific location
***Fire bat's fly too high, even when they get knocked down, their wings barely touch the ground
***Some battles in the Necropolis of Nostalgia have a huge slowdown in frames per second


***Guardian Field Plus - Increases the amount of HP recovered with Guardian field by 30% (Yuri and Flynn)
***Revive Keep - Ending battle with the Revive status remains active (Everyone)
***Gradual Healing - Slowly heal 10 HP per second during battle (Everyone)
***Gradual Energize - Slowly recover 1 TP every two seconds during battle (Everyone)
***Gald Finder - Increases amount of Gald (x1.5) found with Search Gald, and never fail to find any (Patty only)
***Recovery Glyph - Increases the size of the glyph for recovery artes by 20% (Yuri, Flynn, Karol, Judith)
***Extra Love - Two healing arrows go for one ally that needs healing the most (Raven only)
***Outnumbered - When fighting 7 or more enemies in a single battle, increases EXP by 20% (Everyone, only affects those equipped including non-participating)
***Recharge - Regular attacks recover more TP
***Forced Standing - Forces knocked down enemies to stand, but also applies to the character (everyone)
***Enhanced Skills - Increases effectiveness of other equipped skills by 20%. Examples: Reflect 50%dmg>60%dmg, Half Damage 50%>40%, Rebirth 50%HP>60%HP, Strength 3 15%P.ATK>18%P.ATK (Everyone)
***Frighten - Taunting near low-level enemies can cause them to flee battle, The higher your level, the greater the chance. Enemies that flee may drop items (Repede only)
***Monster Hunter - Double the radius for linked encounters. Also allows chaining 4 linked encounters. *Doesn't work if Yuri's Link Slash skill is equipped* (Karol only)

Grade Shop:

***Custom EXP - Set the EXP rate to any desired amount, between 0.00x - 5.00x *Intervals of 0.05* (Can be changed mid-game at the cost of Grade)
***Custom Gald - Set Gald from battles to any desired amount, between 0.00x - 2.00x *Intervals of 0.05* (Can be changed mid-game at the cost of Grade)
***Custom Item Limit - Set amount of non-material items you can hold, between 1 - 99 (Can be changed mid-game at the cost of Grade)
***Materialist - Increases carry limit for material items to 250
***No bonus - Earn no bonus EXP from battles
***Double Max HP/TP - Doubles the maximum limit of HP and TP. (Example: 24000HP with Maximum HP and 1600TP with Minimum TP)
***Mania - Unlocks the Mania Difficulty (350% HP, 150% ATK/DEF)
***Accessories - Allows equipping a second accessory
***Arte User - Adds an additional 300 uses for all artes for all characters, great for helping with reaching the 9999 limit
***Stand Alone - All characters start with the Stand Alone skill, also removes the SP cost
***Party of Five - Allows a 5th character to join the battle party
***Aer Saver - All artes consume 1/8th less TP *alternatively, this could be a skill*
***Aer Spender - All artes consume 1/4th more TP
***Over Limit - Start the game with the Limit Duo (Synthesis recipes will unlock after the scene with Judith)
***Max Limit - Start the game with the Limit Octet *Will only show in the Grade shop if you obtained it*
***Limit Saver - Allows storing an extra 2 levels of Overlimit, for a max of 10 with the Limit Octet (The Guage will display X when maxed)
***Fatal Strike - Start the game with the knowledge of Fatal Strikes
***Increase Max Level - Max level is now 250, no extra SP is gained after Level 200
***Decrease Max Level - Max level is now 150, prevents gaining more SP after Level 150 is reached
***Stats Up - Each character gains an extra point in each stat (excluding HP/TP) when leveling up, to their maximum potential for that character
***Stats Down - Each character gains one less point in each stat (excluding HP/TP) when leveling up, to their minimum potential for that character
***Skillful 1 - Every character starts with an extra 10 SP
***Skillful 2 - Every character starts with an extra 20 SP 
***Skillful 3 - Every character starts with an extra 30 SP 
***Skillful 4 - Every character starts with an extra 40 SP 
***Half SP cost - Halves the SP cost of skills (Rounded up)
***Master Chef - Gain cooking skill twice as fast
***No Arena Timer - Removes the time limit in all arena battles, take your time.
***Custom battles - Allows the player to make their own custom battles by talking to an NPC in Nam Cobanda Isle. Want to fight 30 bosses in one battle? Go for it! (Only five will participate at a time, killing one will let the next appear)
***Half Damage - Both enemies and allies receive half the normal damage
***Double Damage - Both enemies and allies receive double the normal damage
***Battle Camera - Adds an option in the battle menu to freely control the camera, while pausing the action.
Great for capturing those epic moments to share with your friends (Removes portraits and OVL gauge)
***More Monsters - Adds an extra monster in battle for every enemy symbol encountered. Including encounter links.
***Less Monsters - Reduces monsters encountered by one in battles for every enemy symbol encountered. Including encounter links.
***Quick Learner - Doubles LP gained
***Slow Learner - Halves LP gained (rounded up)
***Botanist - Unlocks synthesis recipes to craft stat increasing herbs
***Inherit herb bonuses - Keep stat boosts from herbs
***Dein Nomos - Start with Dein Nomos (weapon only)
***Flynn & Patty- Flynn and Patty join the battle party early (After their scenes in Nor Harbour) *Messes with the story but this is the Grade shop after all*

Kara BNE
10 months ago

Hello KratosAurion87!

We are so happy to know that you enjoyed Tales of Vesperia on not one, not two, but three platforms! Your passion truly shows. Thank you for this very detailed feedback, we appreciate it and will make sure to pass it on to our development teams.

6 months 3 weeks ago


I play Tales of Vesperia on PS4 (Russian ver.) and noticed such not very pleasant bugs. Artes that have element (fire, wind, water...), when attacking enemy with vulnerability to the specific elements, does not doing any additional damage. If the enemy has a vulnerability to the elements, the Artes with the element to which the enemy is vulnerable, should cause more damage, but in fact causes normal damage, as if there is no element on Artes. Examples of Artes of Jury: "Crushing eagle" (earth), "Destruction field" (fire), a altered Art "Pyre Havoc" (fire) - all of them inflict normal damage to any enemies. With weapons and magic there is no such problem, inflict indeed greater damage, if there is vulnerability to specific element.