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Twin Mirror - A Promising Opportunity

Fri 28/09/2018 - 13:12

By Sam Higgs


In the larger cities getting a scholarship to a prestigious college may be an everyday happening. But in Basswood, gaining funds and the opportunity to follow your dreams is something we should all get excited about.

One of our home-grown local high-school students, Grace Offenbacker, has just been accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to study Civil and Environmental Engineering. Gaining the scholarship through her fascinating geological study of groundwater hydrology in, and surrounding, our own local mine.

Twin Mirror - A Promising Opportunity


“I still can’t believe it! I studied so hard in school but never expected my work to come to the attention of so many colleges. I had letters from many of them, but there was no way I could resist the opportunity to go to MIT.”

“As my uncle and my elder brother work in the mining industry, I want to find better ways to build safer and more environmentally friendly mines. This course is perfect for helping me develop those skills and I hope, someday, I can return to help the town I was born in!”

Twin Mirror - A Promising Opportunity

Those positive thoughts challenge some cynical views about the stereotypical youth whose only interests lie between getting stoned and partying hard. Grace is a shining example of what the future of Basswood can offer.

2 years 5 months ago

So hyyyyyyypeeeed <3 Can't wait! 

2 years 3 months ago

Yaa right.I agree..Me too just can't wait for it 

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