TEKKEN World Tour Comes To The Nordics!

Wed 17/04/2019 - 12:45

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Hey there everybody, my name is Joy and I'm the Community Manager for the Nordic side of things. I'm beyond excited to personally invite you into the TEKKEN World Tour start of 2019. With a prize pool of over $185,000, contenders are once again getting ready to fight their way to victory; this time with new locations, returning favorites, and brand-new ways to earn TWT Ranking Points!

I'm especially happy to announce that for our Northern fighters who likes to show up and throw down at local tournaments, we have several upcoming events that could net you some tasty TWT Ranking Points! We will continue to strive and cooperate with players, fans and tournament organizers all around the Nordic countries throughout the season to help give you more awesome chances to get together and enjoy the heat of the battle all across Scandinavia!

Remember, the new Dojo-system is a major effort to put your very own TEKKEN communities in the spotlight and we couldn't do this without you - if you're keen on helping us make the TEKKEN World Tour 2019 the best, be sure to take part in your local events and reach out to any organizers in your area to spread the word about the Dojo-system.

Here is a list of the pre-registered Nordic Tournaments and Dojo's that you can already join and register for:

Image removed.April 20th
KUMAUTUS - Dojo Tournament
Turku, Finland

Right off the bat comes Kumautus, a big TEKKEN 7 only tournament kick-starting the Nordic Dojo-scene as one of the early pre-registered events for the season! If you’re close by, don’t miss out on the chance to nab some sweet TWT Ranking Points.


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HEADSTOMPER 2019 - Challenger Tournament
Malmö, Sweden

Presenting the Nordics first TEKKEN Challenger tournament of the season, epitaph of the Nordic FGC and a shining highlight for the TEKKEN World Tour 2019 - Headstomper is back and bigger than ever! Deadline for registration is on April 26th so be sure not to dwindle about. Did I forget to mention there’s even free ice cream for all the participants?! Got to keep your head cool while gaming, quite literally.


Image removed.May 30th
NORDSKEN 2019: TEKKEN Champions! - Dojo Tournament
Skellefteå, Sweden

Nordsken holds the title as one of the best geek-cultural festivals in Scandinavia filled to the brim with gaming goodness and fun events. This time, they’ve also picked up the flag to lead their first Dojo tournament for everyone to enjoy!


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SWEDENPHACEOFF (Major) - Dojo Tournament
Uppsala, Sweden

SwedenPhaceOff (Major) is a brand new event featuring several fantastic tournament and introducing itself into the TEKKEN World Tour as a Dojo! With an overall prizepool exceeding over 3000€ this event is nothing short of amazing with its high stakes!


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TAMPPAUS 2019 - Dojo Tournament
Tampere, Finland

Tamppaus 2019 in Tampere is aiming to become one of the main events this summer for the Nordic FGC and Finland is stepping up their Dojo game once again! Be sure to bring a towel because this tournament will be bringing the HEAT.

These are only a few of the pre-registered Nordic tournaments coming your way this season! Be sure to stay updated about any upcoming TEKKEN Dojo’s near you by checking out:

Follow our Nordic channels for more information about the TEKKEN World Tour 2019 and Nordic Dojo's. Also, be sure to reach out to us if you've got any cool ideas for local TEKKEN events that could join in on the Dojo-fun!

I'll see you in the next battle, Joy out!