TEKKEN 7 - Patch Note 2.0

Together with the release of Lei and Anna from Season Pass 2 of TEKKEN 7, we are pushing a new patch to improve the overall experience of the game. Read the details below:
- Improved performances of all character’s moves drastically:

- Implemented a new battle mechanic “Wall Bounce”.
- Implemented “New Easy-Combo” and “Assist” features.
- Improved character $ stage select screens and other menus.
- Ranking points & point gauge regarding promotion/demotion gets visible at the end of battles to show progression.
- Improved rank conditions for other characters promoted with the highest rank of your character on Online mode.

Eu Genio
10 months 2 weeks ago

I've been experiencing random FPS drops from 60fps to 15-20 fps regardless if I'm in training or online mode...
Please fix, I spent my money and it is not playable in this condition...

The game has certain technical issues. I am not able to open multiple boxes, and have lost so many yet. Also, if possible, I would love an update, which gives me an option to evolve the fighters from 1 star to 4 star, as 4 characters of same fighter, just increases number of fighters, eventually I will have 3 and 4 stars used and not the 2 or 1 star.


Don't automatically merge as a few people might be liking it, but I am more towards having one fighter instead of 4.



One more, would be that if we have the friends fighting together, and for god sake I don't like Local (VS mode), that requires the 2 people to be in bluetooth range. What if we have an ID, and we can connect with our friends, my friends play and I want to play with them, even if we are 1000 miles away using IDs and with internet.




Hi sir how are you I had problem last time with live events rodeo stone and I didn’t take it award and it was your game problem and many Facebook friends sent you message for this problem and you sent some gift if is possible could you send me if you send me I’ll be happy best regards Ridvan Parlak