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Tales of Berseria series? (from the game engine alone)

Fri 14/05/2021 - 20:22

Berseria has a really good story. Do you guys consider making a series from the game engine? I get that you have a limited budget but with a few mods to make the game more from viewer perspective. I see potential to make a series from the game engine alone.

1. Add/make a few mods such as all 6 fighting in battles, having two on stand by will just look silly to the viewer (all about the lore)

2. Fewer encounters, focus more on the environment than the characters movements (use moving camera like TLOTR used so much of)

3. have all 6 walking instead of Velvet alone, makes it more cinematic

4. No ads in videos (selling point) instead use links to Berseria game and books in comments, trust me most people read comments nowadays (people can not "only" watch a video these days)

5. While making it more from viewer perspective you should still show off the game mechanics like a bit of shopping and alike from game perspective again as a selling point (best of both worlds)

6. Feel free to leave many of the optimal scenes and non voiced lines out to make it both shorter and as a teaser

7. Noticed there are extremely few mods of Berseria on Nexusmods, so you might be forced to make some of the mods yourselves.

To name a few. You could have like 20-25 episodes and could lead to a new big sell, again I understand Tales has a limited budget but this should be well worth spending since the game is already made, like 95+% of the work is already done. Being that no commentary gameplay is very popular on youtube and is promotion of the game I think there is high potential here not to mention this can be made with so much lower budget than making a series like Zestiria the X