Support For More Bandai Namco GODZILLA Console Titles

Sat 19/09/2020 - 02:27

GODZILLA The Game, developed by Natsume Atari and published by Bandai Namco, the latter in having done years of business with the Godzilla license in both video games and entertainment, well largely in Japan. Nevertheless, GODZILLA The Game was a heartfelt love letter to the classic Toho Godzilla films, an action-game that emulated the visuals, destruction, sound, and combat of the films with passionate care. It is a title strongly well beloved by Godzilla fans, and was an experience that fans were happy to enjoy on videogame consoles. It wasn't a perfect-game of course, as much of a love letter that it was, there were factors that held it back from being a solid game in its entirety. Factors such as needing more story mission variety with more varied objectives, needing a more fleshed out combat system with a deeper moveset pool, needing a more story-focused campaign, and of course, needing more fun and different game modes. 

Factors that can all be envisioned, streamlined, and implemented within a whole new Bandai Namco Godzilla Game title, and a new Bandai Namco Godzilla Game title, be it a sequel to 'GODZILLA: The Game' or an entirely different new Godzilla title, is a consumer-demand that Godzilla fans have been requesting to be fulfilled since 2015. 

And with Warner Bros/Legendary Entertainment/Toho's 'GODZILLA vs. KONG' on the horizon, an another monstrous anniversary for the franchise, what better opportunity to deliver another Godzilla Console title and capitalize on the franchise's next major events.

I have one question that I hope any moderator or forum service member can help answer, there's consumer demand for another Godzilla console title from passionate Godzilla fans and kaiju gamers, and while Bandai Namco is the one who ultimately decides to jump on the trigger or not, I kindly ask:

For fans in support for another Bandai Namco Godzilla console title were to want to express/communicate their consumer demand for one, then what official platforms or sites, can they send their feedback and demand through? 

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