Shinobi Striker Propositions

Hello Everyone,


Since I added a post about some MMO/Online ideas about Naruto, why not add some ideas to existing good game?


I was searching before I created any post here, for a centralized  fanbase place...but I was a bit confused, because there is none. I found Twitter, that I personally don't use(not popular in least not in central)

I felt like YT was not the place to go either, but I found a lot of fan base forums like Reddit and so on...and then I found Namco Bandai Forums...but they seem to be empty, why most of players use some unofficial places instead of this one?0.o (except for the fact that forum randomly sets my language to French, I can't find search bar or it does not exist and technically it's a bit messy:D)


Anyways! to my ideas(and some I found randomly reading forums, also some I mentioned in my post about MMO/Online )


1. My most selfish one - Please give me Neji :D I would like to use his jutsus and have a byakugan character....

Having Jūken style and 8 trigrams...that would be amazing!

Image removed.

Image removed.

Or 64 palms(Couldn't find good quality of him in old outfit, love it more than his new one)

Image removed.


2. Lags - Still present and need to be dealt with, although still better than it was: ) (at least on PC)


3. Village system - People would love that, Imagine that you could feel more unique due to your village and your special own place. Yes I know, online is not enough yet to make all of them full, but online is growing. Game had a rough start but it's getting better and better. I'm constantly checking online on steam and it's getting slightly better:)


4. Outfits - There could be added more ninja like, samurai like or common/casual for naruto setting, we could perhaps get a possibilty to slightly adust them? for example, the scroll Jiraya always had on his back, could be an asset you could put somewhere else, like wear it like a sword(I mean straight  on your back ) or make it smaller, have different graphical choices (different pact, jutsus, sealing jutsus, summoning weapons and other)


5. More characters - of course! people are missing many of them;]


6. We don't need more characters to learn more jutsus! just upgrade our masters so we can exp them more and unlock new jutsus. For example - Hinata could teach all the Hyuuga jutsus, Jiraya could teach us a new ultimate which would be that he+his targets in a range disappear immediately and are teleported to a place made out of toad stomach that holds them and damages(something like yamato ulty) or if disappearing is too hard to introduce at the moment, perhaps just surroiding changes to that and people are absorbed by it, just think about making lots of concept stuff like - Toad sage with this and that jutsu, looking like this and that or...Byakugan Assasin, looking like this or that...tons of possibilities we do not have now due to lack of jutsus, combinations of these jutsus in different character types and so on.

Each Ninja had a lot of jutsus there that we can utilize, shame we got possibility to have only 3 jutsus, but more the better! Take a look at this:

Image removed.


This would be a separate point but I'll put it here. My character is basically a Mist ninja, but there are not enough water jutsus from all we could have from naruto universe(same goes to Doton which is my second fav element), so I'm trying to get as close as I can...Did the same for Stone ninja, and I bet not only me. Having more jutsus gives us opportunity to build our unique themed ninjas, since there is no MMO or Online version on bigger scale we can Roleplay or feel more unique, I'm talking about here, game has big potential;]

The second part of this point is limitation due to Type of ninja - Is there anyway to rework the system, or make part of the jutsu that clearly do not need a certain type, to be shared under different conditions or something like that? For example, If Neji would be introduced, you physically  could not have Byakugan on him if he would not be a healer, Neji is pure DMG dealer not a healer... Same goes to Sharingan. Or perhaps Different types of the same jutsus? Don't get me wrong here - I love the limitations as they actually give you possibility to  build into certain direction, sacrifice something for something else but, I think this needs to be reworked somehow, but got no idea how at the moment(1:30 AM here:D)  as if I would have the Severing Wave on tank, or any other water jutsu, or more jutsus of earth into different type like Attack type...this gives way more fun to create own unique ninja with own set of jutsus. It's always a surprise to opponent to get to know what type are you, and what set of jutus you have and can use in different situations; ]

7. Bukijutsu - We could use it, just for fun purposes. Weapon arts could be great, Imagine having jutsu to add Raiton to your melee weapon(cool graphic on each type of weapon...yea not on the fun weapons though) or Fūton or have jutsus like this one beauty here:


Image removed.

You guys thought I'm gonna post some boring samurai and BAM! one old(great graphic, was way better than the later typical anime one that came out for the rest of the series;/) good Dance of the Crescent Moon jutsu:)

8. A bit further but if Village system would be in, we could get some missions that are territory fight just like in Guild Wars or For Honor where fractions in pvp fights controls territory, awesome stuff


9. Rewards system is not rewarding at all - I just feel bad with the fact that there are so much rewards everywhere, it is not giving me anything rewarding at all. I wish I would have to do lots of missions, fight lots of times, do any in game events, perhaps pvp events or just get the money for a jacket that gives more armor or my sword or something I just feel that there is too much content and the market part of the game is dead because nothing motivates me to get any items. I just get what I need for my ninja in terms of fashion+item perks and that's it.  So it's like too much not needed content...if this will be kept this way this will be broken, I mean, the main 2 aspectsof this game are still the same - PVP and Concept builds that also leads us to pvp:D


10 . Another selfish one - Please less Boruto content, not a fan of it;f

11. Genjutsu please? this could be be done so easily

12. More ninja tols! I'd like to play a trap master, concept builds are awesome, the net things could be a good addition for example

13. If villages would be in...player organizations of course would be needed, but that's a future thing I guess. Players making fractions and having possibilities to have anything to do with that, would be awesome. Clans would raise and so on.

You are doing great job guys, game is really awesome, best naruto game so far, and hope that you can push it further instead of abandoning it when next game will come out, for me..deeper into Boruto is a big no. I'm stuck mentally at part when series had the old realistic graphic, more blood and world had a good setting, I accept the akatsuki part also but later things are getting really weird but that's a other discussion, anyway if you need more feedback, please remember that as I mentioned at start, fan base is weirdly split and people do post lots of feedback to reddit, youtube movies as I saw and others;]


Keep up the good work, thank you!






















Hello kakaonutella! Thanks again for your kind suggestion! We will be more than happy to forward your request to have more maps in the game =) If you have more suggestions, please don't hesitate to drop a message to us at anytime!


16. There should be premade restriction - if you got 4 man premade, you can play only with other 4 man premade, otherwise it's unbalanced as hell to win vs a premade team. 3rd night a row, when premade teams start to play i am losing 100% of games, so they are ruining fun for solo players. 3 man premade is however fine but if you got a bunch of randoms vs bunch of team played can do.


Thanks again kakonutella =) You know very well that we are always happy to receive your suggestions, if you have more please don't hesitate to let us know! We will be always at your disposal for forward them to our team together with the others =)