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Sat 14/12/2019 - 15:58

Good morning, 

        My name is Kurt savage and I am trying to find a way to buy the sheet music for From Software games for college recitals (piano, string bass, electric bass, and voice) and personal repertoire. Is there any way someone could help me to do this? The games I am interested in getting sheet music for are: Kings field 1,2,3,4, Shadow Tower 1,2, Dark Souls 1,2,3 and Bloodborne. There are random pieces of music scattered online, but I would prefer the music from the source. The main game(s) I need sheet music for are Kings Field 4 (Ancient City) and Shadow Tower 2. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

If anyone can help me out, other than using muse score or community sheet music websites, on how to get in touch with these composers or writers, I would appreciate it. Thank you 

Customer Service
Riccardo CS
5 months ago

Hey winterknightz! If you can send a request directly to our support team by following this link, they'll be happy to try and assist you in your request :)