Requirements of vacuum pump for smooth oil

Tue 13/10/2020 - 11:01

Requirements of vacuum pump for smooth oil

In fact, the factors that affect the vacuum degree of vacuum pump are various, including sealing method, spare parts space, quality of materials, etc. This paper mainly explains the requirements of vacuum pump for smooth oil, because the quality of oil will also affect the vacuum degree of vacuum pump.

(1) With appropriate viscosity: the viscosity of oil is too small, the smoothness is not satisfactory, the sealing performance is also poor, the viscosity is too high, the internal conflict is large, the rotor rolling is difficult, the kinetic energy consumption is increased, and the oil temperature is also increased. The increase of oil temperature will accelerate the oxidative degradation of oil, especially for rotary vane vacuum pump.

(2) Low full vapor pressure: the target of "vapor pressure" of oil is low, so it is not easy to transpiration under the working conditions of low pressure and high temperature in vacuum pump, so as to ensure the required vacuum degree.

(3) The oxidation stability is good, and it is not easy to oxidize and degenerate.

Generally, vacuum pump oil is selected for vacuum pump. At present, domestic vacuum pump oil only needs No.1, which is refined from natural crude oil. It has smooth and sealing effect in vacuum pump

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