Release date

Wed 06/02/2019 - 16:59

Good morning,


There is a big mystery about the release date of Code Vein.



Last year, I was delighted that it came out at the end of the year as announced.



Then, disappointment, it is announced for 2019. Ok, probably for good reasons.



However, I have trouble understanding why so many mysteries about the release date.

I would like to see some respect for the community that is loyal to your products.

For example, From Software always announces with precision, sufficiently in advance, the products that come out

(the old souls, the coming "Sekiro" on 22 march,....)


Please, let us know a probably release date (first quarter, second quarter.... of this year ?), and don't answer something like "we don't know",

"Someone else is taking care of that", etc. We know how it's working.


I think you must understand the situation.



Thank you for your careful reading


Best regards,



Customer Service
Meto CS
11 months 3 weeks ago

Hello, Alex,

Thank you for your interest in Code Vein!

The release date of Code Vein for Europe is still not announced and we have no specific time frame for now. Most probably the game will be released or announced after April, however, this is still not confirmed yet.

I can suggest to you to follow our official Code Vein Webpage HERE - as soon as we are ready to announce the release date of the game, we will first post the news there.

Hope this helps!

10 months 2 weeks ago

 Code Vein's third trailer finally gives us a little better look at the game's world and the characters who call it home. What it really does, though, is double-down on the game's anime style cleanmaster

9 months 1 week ago

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