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Mahmod Awad
Thu 30/05/2019 - 11:30

I know that this is not the place for this place, but I know that it is supposed to not speak this but I am a great lover of Bandai Namco and lover of their games and since I bought the ps4 and I wish their games were forced but unfortunately got a lot of problems that led to the rise in the price of the dollar and the low wages of workers  So it's up to me that I have to work 5 months for $ 70 and it's enough for me to live hard. I did not know about this section except because of the cod test. So I said this to talk here.

All I wish was to anyone gave me a digital version of one of your games to enjoy in these difficult times.


I know that there are a lot of spelling errors and I apologize very much for them because I used a Google translator

6 months 1 week ago


If you  used a Google translator, why do you write in English and not in French because you are on French forums !

After you can wait promotions for by games.