One Punch Man's Latest Trailer

Was that trailer of the PVP? I'm just hoping to get this clarified. 

The Saitama reveal trailer. 

I’m very excited about One Punch Man Season 2... but I’m hesitant

This time around it’s being handled by a different animation team, and for whatever reason, these stills feel “off”


Customer Service
Valo CS
3 weeks 2 days ago

Hello Daniel 🙂 We want to thank you for your comment. We cannot diclose any detail concerning the final product, but worry not! Soon the Beta Test will begin, and we can finally try part of the game 😉

22 hours 57 min ago

 "Personally I can not wait and at the same time I am afraid 
 One punch man is my favorite and I'm a little afraid that this new production spoils a few things 
 I hope he will live up to our expectations"