One Piece World Seeker QoL adjustments

Gin Kumo
Fri 15/03/2019 - 23:34

First I’d just like to say, that Bamco is faaar too difficult to get in contact with you. There’s no official reddit, North America has no forums, it’s ridiculous. I had to make a UK account just to post this 🙄

Anyway, I’ve created this list of QoL improvements One Piece World Seeker could really use. Please pass on at least a few of these to the devs over in Japan:


• Treasure chests should be colored gold when viewed in perception mode.


• Gum Gum UFO animation needs to come out faster, so you don’t lose as much height when you switch to it. Also decrease how hard you have to mash to stay afloat.


• Luffy needs multiple wall kicks so he can ascend taller rock masses, or at least allow him to grapple to the side of rock plateaus.


• A crouch move and crouch walking animation would be really REALLY helpful, both for stealth purposes, and aesthetically.  


• Luffy needs an air takedown, so you can land on enemies below you. Hanging takedown is often cumbersome and not applicable in a situation.


• Reduce amount of rooftop snipers in cities and towns, unless specifically necessary for that location. They make urban traversal far more difficult than it needs to be.


• Make stealth takedowns silent, or at least quieter. When your takedown alerts an entire group of enemies, it defeats the purpose of a “stealth” takedown.


• Precision aiming could use better aim assist.


• We need a button prompt to drop to a hanging animation when standing on a ledge. Ledges are cumbersome to circumnavigate right now.


• Dropping down behind an enemy needs to be silent. As it stands, right now you alert them when you land.


• BARRELS SHOULD NOT BREAK WHEN YOU DO A TAKEDOWN. Luffy shouldn’t break the barrel he’s in just to takedown the enemy in-front of him. Pop the barrel off, take down the enemy, and put it back on.


• Tapping Evade should cancel out the ranged damage animation. Right now, enemies can pretty much juggle you with bullets and it gets old fast.


• Consider changing the English language equipment menu stat descriptions from “incoming melee damage/incoming ranged damage” to merely “melee defense/projectile defense”