Dark Souls III - Family Sharing No Longer Supported

Michael Willner
Tue 12/05/2020 - 08:17

So I as well as many others in the community have noticed that family sharing has been disabled, preventing players from accessing the game between multiple accounts. Many of us think that this will ultimately hurt the game more than it helps it and would like this decision to be reverted. We understand cheating in Dark Souls III has been an issue for a long time, but this change doesn't just punish cheaters, it punishes several groups of innocent players. This includes players who's accounts are subject to a ban due to cheaters injecting illegitimate items onto their characters, players who mod the game, players who simply used the family sharing system to share the game, and players who have multiple accounts with different save files.

This change is not going to benefit Dark Souls III's existing community or its new players. The Dark Souls III player base is considering moving over to banned servers entirely so players can still enjoy the game together. This separation of players is going to make the game feel more barren and may even discourage new players from playing it since they won't be able to enjoy the multiplayer aspects of the game properly.

I've been playing Dark Souls III for a while and the multiplayer aspects of the game are my favorite part, but now I'm worried I won't be able to enjoy the game in the same way. Half of my friends who play the game can no longer access their non-banned accounts and much of the community is in the same situation. I don't want to have to get myself banned in order to play with them and it's a shame that the community is split like this.

Please look at the community's response to this decision and possibly reconsider.

Thank you for your time.