Thu 02/04/2020 - 08:05

I am requesting a new naruto/boruto game, It will be an open-world game and you can create a character which can be a Close range fighter, Mid range fighter and long range fighter that has unique abilities that you can start with such as byakugan, sharingan or the jougan and as you progress through the game you can level up your eyes so the sharingan can evolve into the rinnegan and the byakugan and jougan can be upgraded to help your character. Once you have completed making your character you can  select which village you want to start in so like Hidden Leaf or Hidden sand. Once all of that is finished you would level up your character to get stronger and also you could make your character choose a path by the certain decisions that you have made so if you do bad stuff you follow the path of a evil person and the same for the good path. 

Thats like a general idea of a naruto game that i think many Naruto Fans want after such a long time without having a new game, Please take this into consideration 

5 months ago

I really hope it's not another UNS type game.

They're fun, but as soon as you play each character once or twice it loses all it's appeal.