Female coesmetic bug, clothing #1

Thu 27/02/2020 - 02:42

So, there’s a little bug with the clothing choice 1 for females. If your body type is either A or B for your female, and if she arches her back forward even the tiniest bit, the skin on the inside of her breasts will phase through the bottom of the shirt, ruining a few shots on photo mode that people would want particular angles for. Now, I know how hard writing code is, I’m in my own code writing class for college, but I still want to voice my opinion cause it bums me out a little. :/Image removed.

3 weeks 4 days ago


you could always try sending a bug report too the support team. They maybe able too help you out with this :) 


Customer Service
Vili CS
3 weeks ago

Hey Io_Worshiper,

I am sorry that this visual thing happens when you wear this clothing. I will gladly forward this to our specialized team so they can take it into consideration for future minor bug fixes.

Thank you for letting us know!