ADD *slams table* MORE *slams table* JOJO CHARACTERS!

Sat 15/02/2020 - 20:42

Huh. I'm talking 'bout jojo now. Alrighty, here's some characters that should be added.
Polnarreff. Definitely our favorite swordsman. Stand: Silver Chariot!
Josuke. Oi, Josuke, you need to be added in Jump Force! Stand: Crazy Diamond.
Yoshikage Kira. She's a Killer, Queen, Gunpowder Gelatin. Stand: Killer queen.
Giorno Giovanna. I, Giorno, have a dream, that I will be added to Jump Force. Stand: Golden Experience.
And Lastly, 
Diavolo. It just works. Stand: King Crimson!
Please comment opinions on my choices, and maybe take away a one or two and add one. Also, comment movesets for the characters I've chosen.
We'll chase them 'till they add these guys in.

Customer Service
Riccardo CS
1 month ago

Hey xboxbackcompatibilitymovement!

Thank you for your feedback :)

I'm going to create a report and send it over to the developers to look into, but it's not always that easy to add new characters so I can't make any promises!