Next dbz game suggetions

Sat 27/07/2019 - 23:21

Hello just was thinking what i would likeif there is ever a next xenoverse or a new dbz game with a CAC  and if any ones else wanted to put their thoughts down.

I think having a custom transformations ( new hair colour type,new aura and lighting)   for cac would be cool and also custom auras ( shape and colour) also custom special  moves (power = ki use) for example you could make a warp kamehameha into a warp spirit bomb or add steps that lead upto the special  move like hitting some one to the floor then doing a kamehameha  or a timeship then doing a final flash (basically add moves together to make one big finisher move for the cac).

Customer Service
Valo CS
10 months 1 week ago

 Hi ShadowMight! Thanks for your suggestions! We are always happy when players give us direct opinions how to inprove our product =) We will gladly forward this request to the attention of our team, we cannot determine if a new xenoverse game is in developing, but they will surely keep that in mind for the future =)