New Naruto Game. <3

Philip Uzumaki
Mon 04/11/2019 - 16:05


I have an awesome request for you guys. Me and i suppose alot of us fans are ready and hoping for a new Naruto game. SO, here's a very good ide'. I / we want an open world game that's not online focused. You start your jurney in a village of your choice, u begin in young age and learn new jutsu's and so worth in school. You go on missions you gain more knowledge and power, you become older and more experienced and so on. You can also travel to other villages just roam around in the world for new and fun adventures. You level up become older, stronger, learn more jutsu's and so on. You can make decitions that either make's you good, on the path to "Hokage" or evil the path to "Akatsuki" etc. Very breef information right now and my english aint that good so im sorry for that, but i think you get the point. Please make us an open world, free rome game when u can be your own character and level up and gain experience and power and so forth. I think it would be amazing.

Thank you!. 

Customer Service
Valo CS
7 months ago

Hello Philip! Thanks for your suggestions 🙂

Our top priority is to constantly improve, and we are always happy to receive our player's feedback. We will be happy to forward your suggestions to the attention of our team, hopefully they'll consider them during the future development of our games 🙂