Naruto games have gotten old, we really need a new one

Sun 02/05/2021 - 19:17

Its been nearly 4 years since Shinobi striker came out, and that game had less content than any anime games that came out in years. Almost all of the jutsu and main character cosmetics were stuck behind huge paywalls. $15 season passes that are small, that turn into $30 when the season ends, just arent worth it in any kind of way. Theres no reason to buy a full priced game that has almost no content, then have to spend nearly the entire price of the game again to make it almost feel like a full game. The Ultimate ninja storm games were great, they had fantastic combat with a great roster, but got a bit repetitive and after all this time, its not as fun as it once was. I really think its time for a new unique naruto video game. A new multiplayer naruto game would be fantastic, shinobi striker was the best multiplayer naruto game yet, but its buggy, the servers are pretty bad, it gets repetitive after a few days of playing, and the combat isnt as extensive as the UNS games, which allowed you to have alot of different moves and combos. Weirdly, shinobi striker is more fun as a single player campaign game, than an online multiplayer one since its the most fulfilling experience and multiplayer is so buggy. For such a huge and popular franchise with a ton of fans, it deserves a great video game title that does it justice, but we havent gotten there yet. All of them lack what modern video games do so easily, seem small and unpolished, and want you to spend crazy money on dlcs that should be included in the base game. Many developers are making their money on cosmetics, which is great since you dont have to leave half the game behind a paywall, yet you still fund the devs easily. Maybe its time to take that approach too, the newest naruto game should not have as little of a playerbase as this does, a good game from a franchise this big would have a much bigger base.