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multiplayer game type for future game

Sat 24/10/2020 - 00:54

in short:

Ace Combat 6 like operations but bigger scale and 2 sided PVP /  CO-OP 


Ace Combat 6 like operations but each battalion/squadron you need to support has multiple stages of front lines, with both sides needing to support their battalions/squadrons

units respawn at a rate so only a big % of them being destroyed from the current front line would get push back 

each stage would be increasingly difficult to break, with more AA, AT units present + more reinforcements

(in case of naval stages it would mean increasingly good AA cover and anti-ship capabilities for example)




5 months 3 weeks ago

Multiplayer and single player games usually appeal to different styles of gamers, neither are likely to replace the other, just like poker can't replace solitare, even if it's a more exciting or popular game to play with cards, they're just a different audience.

I would say that as internet access becomes better in any given part of the world, muliplayer games gain popularity there, while single player games might lose a little popularity… but even when internet connectivity is no barrier to multiplayer gaming, there will still be people who want to game in peaceful solitude, like reading a book- and multiplayer gaming isnt the way to satisfy that. Single player games will always be around.