Missing Voices since last Patch (Beginning of August 2020)

Fri 07/08/2020 - 19:19

Hallo Bandai Namco Team,

[Game: SoulCalibur VI, Plattform XBOX ONE, online bought version from XBox Live Game Store]


After the 2.20 (or 2.21 (?)) Patch was out; just a few days ago. I got the Season Pass and downloaded Setsuka and the items for character customization. I got all DLCs.


I noticed that the voices after hitting with an reversal edge are gone.

Seems that this effects all characters, including self-made characters with choosen sounds. (For Example: The female voice of "Upbeat Girl" always said "Beautiful!" or "Oh yeah?!" after hitting with the reversal edge. This is gone now ... and it seems like this effects all character voices (as said).


These missing voices realy effect the subjective perceived speed of the game; it feels slower now and less powerful. In other words: It makes it realy worse, because these voices were an very important detail which made the game feels fast and powerful.

Please fix this important details asap!



[I already posted this text in a "bug-report-topic" ... didn't see that it was only for the forum-bugs; lol. Hope it can be found here.]