Missing Naruto even though I’m halfway through the rewatch.

Sat 27/07/2019 - 08:11

Hello everyone,,

I’m currently re-watching Naruto again since my obsession 15 years ago, when I was a high school kid...and I forgot how much I absolutely love it. And even while watching it, I miss it already. I wish there was a button I could press to forget everything about it so I can rewatch and be mindblown by all the amazing characters and plot twists and cry at all the beautiful backstories. There’s really no other anime like Naruto and I want to be able to watch with my kids together when they are old enough to read subtitles...so many beautiful life lessons to learn! What do you guys think about the future of animation? Imagine a Naruto remake in like 50 years, but with the CG animation capabilities of a Final Fantasy game. I’d be 80 years old, in a nursing home, demanding that the caretakers put Naruto on the TV 24/7. Ahhhh...that’s the dream. There’s no point to this post, just wanted to express how great this anime is to fellow Naruto lovers lmao

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Valo CS
10 months ago

 Hi again Gujarish! thanks for your love and passion for the Naruto Universe! Well is not a bad idea to have a reset-memory switch, I have too a lot of manga to read again hahaha =) Imaging myself as an 80 years old man, telling the story of the Leaf village Ho-Kage!

10 months ago

Well by the age of 80 you might forget about naruto and be able to re-watch anew haha ;p

Honestly though i feel you dude some moments would be great to re-experiance  but hey there's plenty of new things out there to  discover and new great moments to make whether in anime, games, movies or even in real life if we kept reliving the old times we'd be blinded to finding the new and that would be a big shame