Little Nightmares II Tv Edition - Shipping to Belgium?

Thu 10/09/2020 - 19:01

Hello everyone!

I am a huge fan of Little Nightmares, so I am very excited for the release of Little Nightmares II. When I heard about the preorder; "Tv Edition" I immediately wanted to purchase this product. It contains many features and items I would really like to buy (I selected "pc download" as "type of product"). But when I filled in my order information, adres ect., I was not able to select 'Belgium' as my country. It was not an option in the given list.
I was confused so I checked the delivery information on the website and it said that the company does ship to Belgium. I tried many times but I cannot select Belgium. I discovered the preorder on Little Nightmares' instagram account and it said 'EU only' and Belgium is part of Europe so I don't understand why I am not able to select Belgium.
Is there a mistake? Can someone help? I would very much like to order this item.