Jump Force patch change recommendations

Sat 09/03/2019 - 01:17

I come from traditional 2D and 3d fighting games and used to play competitively. I actually find myself enjoying this arena fighter. It has a lot of depth. I believe there are a few things that can improve the game to help it in a competitive aspect. Again, I'm sorry, I heard Jump Force developers are listening to feedback, but I do not know how to get in contact with them.

Here is my list as far as mete management goes. Make it harder to gain meter. It seems as if meter is pretty free.. The consensus seems to be that everyone spams projectiles and this will reduce that. I was thinking there are a few ways to deal with this.
1. Stop auto-filling to give people the automatic one bar. Meter should be earned . The free 1 bar at the start is fine. When you deplete it it comes back almost instantly for some reason.
2. Make it take a slow start but steadily increase when charging meter. 3. Make High speed counter punch cost a bar as it reverse's the fortune on offense and then they can open the tightness of it a bit because it will cost a meter. It leads to an air combo which you can tag out of and extend further with certain characters and gives oki setups. That is worth one bar.

Stamia guage. Stamina as well could use some tweeks to make it better. 1. As noted above if the counter punch cost a bar make the high speed counter dodge cost half of your stamina. Some people make like the anime show feel of constant counters but it slows the game down too much. Also make it where you can not use it on hit but only a well timed block that leads to use frame advantage or a punish on hard attacks. If you use it under half bar your stamina goes red. Let it dodge everything except grabs and grab supers, even abilities and supers, and transmission you behind even if it means tightening up the frames. Reward for excellent timing. 2. Make it where the escape must have over 60% stamina to use. It should still put your stamina on cooldown.

Guard break 1. Make it where charging lights have slightly less charge than the charge heavy, but make it where the all only break guard not deplete stamina. 2. Make it where charge hard takes a bit longer to charge has less forward momentum but breaks guard and depletes stamina.

Assists 1. Make it where you can only use 1 assist per combo. This limits piccolo cheese, etc. 2. Make stun assists (piccolo, rukia, aizen etc.) do 0 damage because the stun for free, yet still count as hits towards damage scaling. Again this limits the cheese.

Jump button: Jumps have limited use. 1. Make it where jumping is another escape for a grabs even ability grabs. This will give the jump button more purpose.
2. Make it where jumps clear down light attacks. Down lights are supposed to track side stepping. If they all don't make it where they are do. 3. Ease up the count on all jump heavy attacks to allow grounded follow up to some degree. Make all jump heavies bounce and lead to some follow up. The charge up jump heavy can guard and stamina break.

Up light attack serves little to no use. There are just better way better options. 1. Make where everyone can tag into the up light attack string to continue damage. Whether it be in the air or the ground. Only certain characters have this like Dio. You can do the up light attack string and tag for an air combo. Of course balance this. Do not give the ground tag ins to already strong characters. You just have more options on the ground. Or just make them all launch away so you have to tag to follow up with an air combo. 2. Make these counter jumps and jump attacks since I suggested buffing jumps

Charge direction up light. This could use some tweaking to make it more attractive. 1. Make it where every character can link to a up full charge light launcher off of 1 or 2 hard hits. 2. Make where if you follow up with a jump charge hard you actually have a decent follow up if you do them early enough in a combo. Right now it seems any hit makes them glow white.

Down lights 1. Make them track up close side steps. 2. Maybe make it where those people who can't follow up after any of these hits can tag into them. Be careful with balance.

Red Glow instant transmission charge light. 1. I don't know if it has it but take off all guard break unbloackable etc from it. 2. With charge lights having slightly less charge make the red flash come sooner. Make it always instant transmission behind and as a way to punish projectiles. It is a hard timing thing so it's fair.

Abilities 1. Make all abilities have decent value. Some are just worthless and offer nothing such as Yusuke's Spirit Wave (it needs some forward movement and more armor)

Ultimates 1. Balance the ultimates. Some ultimates are worthless. Naruto's, Pegausus', Goku's, Frieza etc, are already hard enough to combo into because the are slow compared to others, but sometimes when you do the first hit combos and nothing else does. They can wake up and block or avoid the rest and even punish you for hitting them. That's not good. 2. Balance the ultimates, some of the best characters have the strongest ultimates. Some of the easy to land ultimates do the most damage. Ultimate damage is a easy way to balance bad champs.

I believe that these changes can improve the Quality if life of this game and make the game better. I understand people love the action of high damaging combos that string supers together. I do too, but if it meant conserving bar to do those, the game will have way more depth. These changes will make the game a competitive fighter just as deep as the other fighting games and they all seem like they can fit into the game reasonably with not too much patching. I am not asking them to add assets, just adjust what is already there.I think it would be amazing to see jump force as a competitive fighter. I still love the game but would like to really seem them take an easy to get into yet hard to master approach with an arena fighter.



9 months 1 week ago

If the down light attack stops all side steps there can be less tracking normals because down light attacks purpose will be to track.  This will make people more hesitant to just mash because if you side step and the mash past you... you can punish from the back

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