JUMP FORCE Closed Beta Test

Jump Force will have Closed Beta Test sessions between 12th and 14th of October! Save the dates and join us to play the ultimate Manga crossover!

For Europe, Middle East and Australia, the Closed Beta Test codes will be sent exclusively to EP!C Rewards Club members (limited quantities).



You need to either be an EP!C member or register until Midnight CEST on the 7th of October.

Add Jump Force or other manga to your game preferences! To do that, simply login to the website, click on your profile icon and select “Dashboard”. From there, scroll down or go to “Preferences” on the left and in “My Favorite Games” select Jump Force.

Beta access codes will be distributed to a selection of interested EP!C members the following days (via newsletter). You can register to become an EP!C member here: http://bnent.eu/account. Don’t forget to register your game preferences!


The sessions will run at:

  • CBT session #1: October 12th – 15:00 - 17:00PM CEST
  • CBT session #2: October 13th – 06:00 - 08:00AM CEST
  • CBT session #3: October 13th – 19:00 - 21:00PM CEST
  • CBT session #4: October 14th – 06:00 - 08:00AM CEST

 Ok since I will be sleeping when the last season will be I write down some of the stuff that I have noted that probably many others already have pointed out. I never been a morning person that is why.

Forgot to write that I played the PS4 version!

The negatives and some stuff I am wondering about.

  • What is the reason for a 3 man team when you can win with using only one character? (Also I still have no clue how to chance character in the middle of battle)
  • The battle would problybe be longer if the 3 characters had there own life bar and it make me wonder why it was decided to be like it is?
  • There is a problem with rendering avatars in the loby and there is a bit of lag in the framerate.
  • The camera when you get back to the loby from a fight is turned different from how it was when you talked to the NPC to get in to a fight.

The positive stuff.

  • The loading was better then I expected for it to be beta.
  • The graphic art style is unique and interesting and some characters look a bit creepy because of the choice but I don't mind it since I kinda like creepy stuff.
  • I din'texpext to be able to play as so many different characters since it is the beta. So kudos for that!
  • It was fun to play even if I lost most of the time becuse I such at fighting games but having fun is what is the most inportant to me at least.

I am no expert in this and it was my first time being a beta so I probably missed stuff but I hope I was to some help and it was an honor to be chosen with a code! I can't wait to be able to play the full game when it comes out!