JUMP FORCE Closed Beta Test

Jump Force will have Closed Beta Test sessions between 12th and 14th of October! Save the dates and join us to play the ultimate Manga crossover!

For Europe, Middle East and Australia, the Closed Beta Test codes will be sent exclusively to EP!C Rewards Club members (limited quantities).



You need to either be an EP!C member or register until Midnight CEST on the 7th of October.

Add Jump Force or other manga to your game preferences! To do that, simply login to the website, click on your profile icon and select “Dashboard”. From there, scroll down or go to “Preferences” on the left and in “My Favorite Games” select Jump Force.

Beta access codes will be distributed to a selection of interested EP!C members the following days (via newsletter). You can register to become an EP!C member here: http://bnent.eu/account. Don’t forget to register your game preferences!


The sessions will run at:

  • CBT session #1: October 12th – 15:00 - 17:00PM CEST
  • CBT session #2: October 13th – 06:00 - 08:00AM CEST
  • CBT session #3: October 13th – 19:00 - 21:00PM CEST
  • CBT session #4: October 14th – 06:00 - 08:00AM CEST

 let's go i know this game will be amazing i know that Bandai has worked hard on it i can't wait anymore i wanna play it

11 months 2 weeks ago

Finde es klasse, dass es einen Beta Test geben wird. Kann es kaum erwarten! Das wird definitiv mein Spiel des Jahres 2019!

 Didn't even know there was a beta happening yet I managed to get selected and sent a code for a system I don't even own.

At least let us choose platform if you're gonna randomly select people with no warning...

 salve team bandai  mi sn registrato come membro epic ho fatto tutto quello che c era sul sito ho scritto il codice ma non me lo fa riscattare potete aiutarm?i grazie!

11 months 2 weeks ago

 I got a code for Xbox one even though i signed up for ps4???



Super AWESOME! I am so looking forward to this! Already downloaded the game on my PS4 and is ready! It is a honor to be one of the chosen and thanks you! :D

Oh! I just remember that I can't play it on Friday since I am helping my grama that day but I am free the rest of the days!


I got an email with my code to beta test, however where do I download the game to play it?? PSN STORE??


I got an email with my code to beta test, however where do I download the game to play it?? PSN STORE??


Bonjour quelqu'un pourrait me dire comment télécharger la beta? car le lien me redirige sur la page d'acceuil du ps store svp T-T

vous pouvez telecharger la beta fermée uniquement si vous avez recu un code dans votre boite mail .

Ich habe gesternabend einen key um 21:24 Uhr erhalten und der funktioniert einfach nicht. Da Steht „die prepaidkarte ist in meiner Region nicht vorhanden“.


 Forgot to play it at the gamescom... im so happy to have a code ...weekend with playing confirmed...hahaha 

11 months 1 week ago

How can i download the beta test. I have the code but there is nothing in the ps store.

Comment je peux telecharger la beta du jeu. J'ai un code mais y a rien sur le ps store

Beta tests have started. On the older model Xbox One's there are slight issues with the framerate meaning the game should ne optimised better to deal with the older systems whilst still looking how it does (perhaps a settings option like most PC games) 

I succeeded to get home early from my gramas place so I got to try ut the game! So far I haven't noted any bugs but I am not completely sure were on here you report bugs and the site is a bit buggy to so it is a bit hard to get around. I also wonder how do you chance character, since you get to, chose 3 characters to fight with and I sometimes succeed to chance character but I have no clue how I am doing it or is it a bug?

Mega gut nur wo kann ich den Fehlerbericht hin schreiben? Grafik und Spielergebnis ist auf höchsten Niveau plus over 9000...

Nur die Performance und Bildrate brechen des öfteren ein. Würde dies halt gerne schildern und dazu noch Anregungen geben. 


11 months 1 week ago

 Playing on the Xbox One S. A few issues I ran into:

  • At the initial launch it gave me a connection error twice, then after loaded
  • After the first P1 vs CPU game my avatar did not load in the lobby
  • Quickmatch did not work for me, I kept getting connection errors
  • There were no other avatars or playernames loaded in the same lobby as I

I tried reinstalling the game but to no avail.

Is it just me with this problem?

I played on PS4 and had none of the problems you had. Well I am no expert and it is my first time being a beta so I can have missed somting. I never understood how to chance to a different character. Not sure if that was a bug since I sometimes chanced character but still not sure what I did. The text speed on the tips you got disappeared to fast för me to be able to read completely since I have dyslexia so I could have missed that part of the instruction.


11 months 1 week ago

What game version are you guys running? Mine is 1.0. Just trying to do a process of elimination as to why I have these issues.

I have the same 1.0 on my PS4 and this time I did take more time to try and note stuff more since I was a bit to excited haha.

Not every avatar in the lobe is showing at the same time but it maybe is like that to not put to mutch stress on the Harvard in the PS4 since rendering a lot of stuff at the same time can slow it down and make bad framerates.

I am guessing that I am suppose to report somewhere else since there is so few people writing here or they are waiting to do it until the last day? 

I never been a beta before so I have no clue where to go to report but I am guessing that it is ok to write it here.

So far noting mayor have happen when I have played.