Joystick support

Hi Bandaï-Namco,

Have you lost your mind ? I understand that you made Ace Combat 7 for PS4 and XBOX One gamers in first place (no mouse control in menu, seriously ? Too complicate to code ?)  but woh ! No support for 90% of joysticks ? Are you crazy or just lazy ? PC gamers are not the same : we have choice, we have tons of games on Steam, Origins, GoG...

We can wait, we can choose to ignore this game permanently because of all that choices. You want to sell this game to the biggest gamer community and win lot of money ? Stop being numb and think of common support on most of joystick. That's not so hard, and it's a lot a gamers.


In waiting for you to become logical persons,

Kara BNE
7 months ago

Hello Alex,
Thank you for your interest in Ace Combat. If you have any questions regarding flight stick compatibility, flight stick drivers, and resolution settings, please visit the official ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN STEAM page. It will be updated with future updates as they become available. Thanks!

Thanks for your answer, but it is not really a yes or a no... Is it a "we're panicking as if house were on fire, so please do not shoot on us and be patient and gentle gamers ?" I mean, if you're working on it, why not saying it clearly ? I guess it is not decided already... 

We can wait for a patch that resolve this problem, really. But not knowing if you're working on the problem or just winning time, it makes us even more angry.

 Nevermind, I learnt about the dirty deal with Thrustmaster : it is clearly illegal trust and planned obsolescence and I'll take information for how to file a complaint about that. You're irresponsible for your customers AND your planet. Shame on you, Bandaï-Namco. I think a petition to inform people and communicate about the horrible processes of your firm is a good idea too.

7 months ago

What is the name of the joysticks that you are speaking about ?

After that, do you really think that BNE do special that some joysticks not work ?

Maybe you could stay a courteous minimum and wait for a patch because you can imagine that BNE work on this problem.

You know what is a patch ? All PC games haves patch, not just Bandai-Namco !

You speak without knowing. Except Hotas 4 (PS4) and Hotas 1 (XBOX One), ALL hotas and ALL joysticks are invalides. That's not a bug or an issue that BN want to fix, this is voluntary ! This is not what I think, this is reality !

Why ? Because there's a deal between them and Thrustmaster. They admited it ! That's not a problem of patch. Go on Steam and search, the answers are there. This is a legal fraud to force PC players to buy the Hotas 4, nothing else. If they were trying to fix with a patch, they would have said it, but for them, it is not a bug, it is a choice. And it's dirty. I'm not courteous with the crooks.

If you're a PC gamer, you do not buy Hotas 4 : Hotas X is cheaper and it's excactly the same for PC. If you want better, you do not buy Hotas 4, there's X-52 for exemple. All players who have this kinds of hotas are nauseated because if they want to play AC7 with it, they have to PAY for DOWNGRADE. Exciting, huh ?

A patch is exactly the reason why I'm angry. I'm asking for it, but I know they won't do it. Money money money ! There's a money deal in there ! Players ? Who cares !

It seems PC sales are are just a few, it's logic : gamers made you paid for this.

- PC game release a few days after consol, less content (no VR), OK, not so bad, we can endure it but...

- PC gamers who have PS4 (like me) have waited PC version only to use hotas ! And we can't !

- Steam notation variable for two weeks (very bad note on Steam, some people must have seen it and think "woh, this is not a good game" without searching why) : 99% of bad reviews were due to... hotas issue ! Read it, I'm not joking !


I summarize : later release, bad notations, material issues... I mean, do you understand you totaly messed up the PC release ? This game could have sold very well, but you've done wrong in all ways ! Bad sales are not cause of PC gamers non interest in Ace Combat, lot of PC gamers love dogfight games ! It is because of hotas issue and because of bad communication / no communication, like this message who says "just wait and see on Steam for news" and nothing else ! Is there anyone paid for doing this com ? It's lost money !


Je suis scandalisé par le fait qu'un joystick encore vendu dans les grandes enseignes en décembre 2018 ne fonctionne pas avec votre jeux; je parle du T.flight Hotas X.

Un drivers ca coute quoi en développement ? 

Je pense que dans ces conditions il n'y aura pas de futurs achats Bandaï-Namco.

Faut'il contacter les médias ou les leaders d'opinion pour que cela bouge ?