I Finally Did it! (Misc/Discussion)

My question for you: do you think Miyata vs Ippo is really important anymore? I think it’ll happen for the ending, but I’m not sure it’s gonna live up to it’s insane hype. So I don’t think it even matters anymore, even though Morikawa is obviously still trying to build up that fight.

I started reading in September of last year, around the same time that I started boxing myself (might as well combine my weeb hobbies with my beneficial hobbies). I took some breaks in between, and the last 700 chapters have been a particular slog for me personally. But I actually did it!

I miss the earlier chapters of the manga to be honest, Ippo’s fights with Sendo being some of the best stuff (also Takamura vs Bryan), but I’m pretty hopeful that Ippo will come out of retirement and start his journey, hopefully stronger on all fronts.

How long did it take you guys to catch up with the manga?