How does excessive mobile and game usage impact our mental health?

Wed 19/06/2019 - 06:24

Smartphones are an important part of our life. We need them for different purposes. It helps us to communicate with people, access data around the world and help us to do many other activities. But the vast uses of mobile phones have made us very dependent on it. We began to rely on it for each and everything. Finally, people have got addicted to this device. We will be able to see the proof of this if we look around us. We can see a number of people lost in the world of internet. But this is a bad tendency. People are losing the control that they have on themselves.  Apart from this many mental and physical problems develop as a part of this addiction. Some of the negative impact caused by mobile phones on health is given as follows. There are many games available on the internet which is very addictive in nature. They urge the user to play it repeatedly. They would feel restless if they are unable to follow their routine of playing games.  Increased screen time will cause them to stay gloomy and depressed. They will cut all ties with the rest of the world. The condition will worsen to that extent that will not be able to start their day without checking their phone. The interaction between people has ceased due to the usage of phones. They talk only if it is necessary. They did not even share their feelings with others. That is why they keep all their emotions within themselves. Most probably all these factors would lead to depression in people. Extreme cases of depression can even end up in people attempting suicides. Creativity and thinking skills can be minimized due to smartphone usage. Many people try to blindly imitate the stunts on the internet. This often ends up in them causing damage to their life and property. That is why it is high time that people take measures to avoid this phone addiction.  The cheap essay writing service website will help students to get more data on the matter.