God Eater 3 Female Clothes

Wed 15/05/2019 - 07:14

The clothing for the female chars are way too revealling, a good example is hilda, i just want some normal clothing, tshirts, cargo pants, heabs, running shoes, normal jackets, hoodies. How am i meant to fight anubis in high-heels and showing half my bodies worth of skin? i just want to make my protag look like a sexy badass, not a woman youd pick up on the side of the road for cash, sorry if thats offensive but thats the vibe that almost all the outfits give off, please, not everyone wants a skantly clad girl in skirts, thigh highs, heels and practically no clothing at all, im not alone in this, all my friends agree agrree, we need more normal clothes

Customer Service
Valo CS
7 months 3 weeks ago

 Hi Uni-Fanatic! Thanks for your feedback, we have really appreciated it =) We are always happy when players give us direct opinions, our top priority is to constantly improve our products, so your opinion is really important to us! We will be more than happy to forward it to the attention of our team, we cannot promise for a positive outcome, but we will kindly ask them to keep it in mind during the future developing of the game =) If you have more suggestions, don't hesitate to drop a message at anytime!

thank you, its just frustrating when you cant create the image you want to portray, the other god eater games had hundreds of clothing options, would love to see that plethera of clothes again so then everyone can be happy cause there'll be something for everyone

no idea if youll see this but gonna put it here anyway