Gigas Suggestion (Please look into this unique character)

Vasilis Manikas
Fri 13/09/2019 - 15:40

Dear Sirs and Ladies

I would like to begin my letter with my wishes for your good health. I do hope you are well and happy.
I have decided to contact you regarding Tekken 7 and the recent very much expected update of season 3. We were all expecting our characters to be improved in areas that were lacking and of course the new moves are a nice addition to our arsenal.
I currently play with 3 characters mainly because of their style and battle approach. I am using Gigas (main), Marduk (2nd best) and lastly Miguel (a fun character). In this letter I would like to talk about Gigas. Regarding Miguel I believe that the nerf on - SavS d/f 2 - distance decrease is a huge disadvantage, given the fact that characters like Heihachi for instance can almost safely spam move like FF2 (sure it can be punished but it requires excellent execution – which in the heat of battle and online can be tricky) and it is rarely a launcher punisher.
Back to main topic though: I would like us to talk about Gigas. It may be hard to believe but some of us Tekken players really like that character. It’s the sheer size and power that is really overwhelming and personally, me being an amateur body builder and strength athlete, well let’s just say it fits perfectly to my profile – raw power. However I was expecting much more from this last patch.
I mean let’s face the facts: Gigas is not a technical character and I am cool with that. But he is also not a strong character even though he is supposed to or at least looks like he is (Big, strong enhanced muscles). Of course his combos are some of the more damaging in the game - however with the addition of the new moves for all the other characters even that isn’t a factor anymore - but that is still not the issue, because in this game strength is frames and mix-ups. Frames (especially on block - frame traps) and mix-ups win matches and not the strength of combos. Well Gigas has no frames apart from a very few moves like: f,f,f+2, d/b 2 or b1+2, and no other mix-ups apart from b+2* or f+4* on block. And that’s that… If you play online the frame advantage is a HUGE factor. People online exploit frame traps (Law, Nina, Anna, Lili etc.) and online play is the very essence of Tekken since its the reason the game has increased its player base substantially over the last years.
Gigas can’t go on like this and I know that it’s been hyped that Gigas may not be in the next Tekken, but I urge you not to remove him. i am asking you not to remove him. Instead please fix him and please do it before its too long, so that us Gigas users can enjoy the game and not feel like a punching bag like most of the time. I do have a few suggestions towards improving Gigas which I have thought very thoroughly and I feel that the will fix Gigas’ weaknesses without making him overpowered and unfair to other players.
Like I mentioned Gigas is a powerful beast but lacks frames which is one of the key strength factors. I mean given the fact that Tekken is at the moment the most realistic fighting game, depriving Gigas of any frame advantage is a mistake in my opinion. I mean let’s say Gigas existed in the real world you would expect him to be what 600 lbs... Imagine blocking a punch from a 600 lb beast, you would expect to get some knockback right? Well that’s the block frames… However Gigas’ punches like f+2 or f+2, f+1 combos give him no + frames. What I am suggesting here is this:
A) f+2, f+1
a) f+2,f+1 gives a +3 on block, rather than -3 now
b) f+2 is a 14 frame rather than a 16+ frame move (I mean Gigas has no 14 frame punisher at the moment other than 3 which is a regular move).
This is a much needed pressure tool for Gigas. Together with the existence of f+2, d+1, these two will give Gigas a mix-up tool for pressure or anti pressure. The idea behind this is to have Gigas’ opponents decide when they block the f+2 to choose whether to duck the f+1 and not give the +3 or +4 frame on Gigas’ or stand an block to avoid the the possible d+1 mix-up. The option of using d+1 instead of f+1, will make the fight become interesting and challenging.

B) f+2, d+1
Change the frame advantage on block from -13 to -10. As mentioned earlier f+2, d+1 can be a part of Gigas’ mix up, so having it punished hard is taking away any advantage. Make this sting a bit safer to be used as a tool.

C) 1,2 Giga's main punisher
One punisher for all <15 frames yet Gigas gets -17 frames if blocked (or recklessly spammed). This is SO unfair. You are giving Gigas a universal non-launching punisher that can be launched on block. I am urging you to reconsider dropping the frame advantage to -12 or -13. I know that you are thinking that Gigas players may spam the move so you want players to not use it recklessly, but -17 is a HUGE disadvantage for a character (Gigas) already in a bad position.
If you consider keeping it at -17 at least change the properties of the move when it hits opponents, to allow some sort of combo to be chained by changing the opponents behavior when hit. Examples :
a) 1,2, dash, u/f3, d/f3, 1+2, 1+2
b) 1,2, dash, d/b3,2, d/f2,1
c) 1,2, micro dash, d/f1+2, 1+2
I mean since the move (1,2) can be launched into a full combo when blocked, at least give it some combo capabilities.

D) f,f,f+2
Please make this move a crusher. Let me explain why I am proposing this and please do try to understand. I have mentioned earlier at C) the problems with Gigas’ 1,2 <15 frame solo punisher. F,f,f+2 is commonly used after a succesfull 1,2, as a pressure tool. Many opponents tend to counter f,f,f+2 with a simple jab (yes a jab…) or a variety of middle options. If you consider keeping 1,2 as it is at -17 on block at least make f,f,f+2 a crusher.
Think about it: a huge beast is running at full speed towards you and you simply jab and pooof… it dies… Also in most cases the opponents tend to stay very far away from Gigas, phishing for a counter, so it is quite unfair to have f,f,f+2 to be countered by a simple jab or any other move to be honest. I mean the move can already be sidestepped but to be countered even by a single jab…?

E) d/f3, 1+2, 1+2
This at the moment stands as the solo 3-hit combo from Gigas. This combo is -16 at d/f3, 1+2 and the d/f3, 1+2, 1+2 extension is almost always ducked and launched. Since it’s the ONLY 3-hit combo it has become VERY easy for everyone to punish. Please consider giving us a middle extension finisher. Something like d/f3, 1+2, 2 or d/f3, 1+2, d1+2 which will hit as a middle. My suggestions are these:
a) d/f3, 1+2, 1+2 (middle, middle, high) can be ducked and punished but gives +3 on block.
b) d/f3, 1+2, 2 or d/f3, 1+2, d1+2 (middle, middle, middle) is -13 on block.
Having a single combo is like inviting players to waste Gigas and if you add to that the lack of ANY other sustainable pressure tool, well it’s highly unfair.
I understand that Gigas is not a technical character (big dumb brute) but that doesn’t mean that he can’t punch straight or down in a combo... :-) 

And last but not the least

F) Golem Stance (please gives this awesome stance the love it needs)
This addition of 1+2 grab from Golem stance was a very welcoming change and thank you for that. However can you please consider giving Golem Stance an auto low-parry option just like Negan's stance. The reason i am asking for this is because almost all players use d+1 (down jab) when Gigas enters Golem stance, making it impossible to mix-up anything and rendering the stance useless. Also please consider changing Golem stance>1 back to the original high property like It used to be.
a) Golem stance 1 : high (launcher, +5 of block, duck and punish, excellent frame trap)
b) Golem stance 2 : middle (heavy pushback, wall bound,-10 on block).
c) Golem stance 1+2 : Grab
I believe now is the time to give Gigas the mix-up potential he deserves from Golem Stance. The addition of 1+2 was an excellent move towards that direction as it executes fast enough to counter any opponent pressing buttons, however players can simply prepare them selves and press 1+2 to escape the grab taking away any advantage, or simply down jab. By giving Golem stance an auto low-parry along with a) (as mentioned above) Golem stance is substantially upgraded, since players with have to choose between : a) duck to avoid 1+2 or 1 (Gigas gets +5) but risk 2 b) stand block 2 and prepare for the 1+2. The auto low-parry here quarantees the mix-up. No auto low-parry? Down jab makes Golem stance useless for any option.

These are a few proposals regarding the improvement of a character that I feel has been neglected ever since the game was launched. These changes will relieve all of us Gigas players of an excessive amount of stress accumulated these past years, constantly being a punching bag for opponents. I mean surely there is 1 (the jab which is Gigas’ main tool due the extended reach) but all players have that +8 on jab... Plus everyone ducks it...
The whole idea is that Gigas being a big strong ORC, he should at least get a little extra frames to counter the lack of technic (the same premise – regarding the lack of frames - applies to Marduk as well). But depriving Gigas of both frames and technic well I am gonna have to ask you : “Why do you hate your own creations..?”.
The funny part is that most female characters like Anna, Nina, Lili (oh my don’t even get me started about Lili) get more frames and they are featherweight compared to Gigas. Is that even realistic..? I understand that you want to invite women to the game, so giving them female characters a little edge will make them more appealing to the female gamers but...give some love to the dumb brute orcs as well. Keep in mind that not all people want to perform flamboyant spinning kicks, fancy uppercuts, flashing moves and spooky animations (Zafina’s moves look really cool - it's really nice to watch Zafina matches). Some of us simply want to punch others to the face!
I am urging you to sincerely consider implementing some of these suggestions. Don’t kill the character, revive him!



Vasilis Manikas a Tekken fan.

Customer Service
Valo CS
8 months 1 week ago

Hello Vasilis🙂 Thanks for your comments! We are flattered about your love and passion for Tekken 7, in particular for the character Gigas 😯 Our top priority is to constantly improve our products, so we do value your words! Player's feedback are important to us, and we will be happy to forward yours to the attention of the relevant department. Hopefully they will consider them during the future development of the game 😉