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Mon 19/11/2018 - 10:20

Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting our new Bandai Namco forum! At the moment, they are still in beta, so there's a lot that we want to improve.

In the interest of making this forum a more useful and helpful community, we all can share, please report forum bugs here.

If you have ideas or suggestions for forum features that you'd like to see here in the future, please post them here as well!

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3 months 2 weeks ago

Hello just add 3 importants things to  the game,auto hide hud,or more hud options,smaller hud,sometimes i want to take picture,to much things on screen, better framerate and brasilian version or Patch, to Portugal,to play With portuguese subtitles in Portugal!! thanks,i hope you support this post,gamers

3 months 1 week ago

 Hello, hopefully I'm in the right place, don't want to break any rules. I'm really looking forward to the new game "One Punch Man: A hero nobody knows" game coming out 2020. I wasn't interested at first but once I learned you can create your own character, I became instantly interested. I love playing games especially anime games that has character creation but as a African American, sometimes the only option we get is skin tone and an afro if we're lucky or I'll end up playing as a bald guy and I'm not bald. I was hoping you can add a bit more options when it comes to hairstyles if you haven't added already. Maybe if possible you can add some braides, twists, or even cornrows would be great. And of course facial hair options like full grown beards and etc. That would be awesome, hopefully some of these will be added. Thanks for taking the time to read this, looking forward to the game. Keep up the great work!

Hey Bronze! Thanks for your comment 🙂 We have really appreciated that! Also thanks for your suggestions, we will be more than happy to forward them to the attention of our team. Hopefully they will consider them during the future development of the game. If in the meantime, you have more questions and suggestions, please let us know 🙂 

3 months ago

 Hi, I also noticed a lot of bugs in the multiplayer mode, I hope it's going to work out quickly.

Customer Service
Valo CS
3 months ago

Thanks for your comment cabe77 🙂

The meaning of a beta test is of course to "test" the product before its first release. We are sure that the team has collected a lot of useful data, as well as the feedback of our players.

This will surely help the future development of the game 😉

2 months 3 weeks ago

Image removed.

could we get more accessory slots I'm trying to make a character and I'm having a hard time doing it am trying to make Archanfel from guyver but i cant because there is not enough accessory slots so far i can do the face and that it but i would really love to do more then just the face so i hope we can get an update that lets you put more on 

Hi overlord1215! Thanks for your comment =) We will be more than happy to forward your kind request to the attention of our team. You are referring to Code Vein right? Hopefully the team will consider your suggestion to have more slots for accessories during the future developing of the game =)

2 months ago


Hello, good I wanted to report that in my game DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 (PS4) my super saiyan blue evolution transformation of my saiyan avatar, ah disappeared by magic, my character is level 99 and has maximum friendship with vegeta and whis, I I had the ssjbe before, but now desperate ah. The same thing happens to many more people and I am coming to think that it is a bugb, from the last update ...

I have all the DLC except the ultra pack 1 and 2 otherwise I have them all ...

Please help. 

Hello TraficGame,

Thank you for reporting this to us.

We are already investigating the situation and hopefully soon we will have more clarity.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Have a good evening!

4 weeks ago

 In Dragon Ball Kakarot, why would there be 2 cutscenes where Gohan's tail got cut off?

2 weeks 3 days ago


EP 8 - Fleeting Normality


When I met Chi-chi, it was an error, not like I watched it on youtube. Chi-chi assigned to find enough materials, I have found enough. But there is no third option to continue the story. 

Has anyone encountered a situation like me ?

Image removed.

1 week 6 days ago

Not sure if this is a bug.

This is on the Xbox One (X)

Eighter Sub-Story - Friends Forever

During the quest, when you're doing the quest objective at the target location, a random encounter occurred, (Not the quest encounter) however, as there was a speech box, it prevented me from acting in any way whatsoever.

I was literally stuck, to a point that even after the battle finished, (Thanks to the supporter for kicking back!) I could only literally move vertically, both up and down.

I had to completely close the game and relaunch, and load the autosave data.

1 week 5 days ago

Image removed.

Ok when I started new game plus I played through the game and got to the home base I didn't talk to anyone but Davis and teleport to the DLC I got to the mistle and the teleport option was black out and now am stuck in the DLC now 

Customer Service
Valo CS
1 day 11 hours ago


Thanks for letting us know, it seems that this issues should have been resolved with the latest update, can we ask if you are still experiencing this issue?