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11 months 1 week ago

 Pour être franc je me suis ennuyé au bout de 2h de jeux depuis je n'ai pas continué à jouer. Je préfère de loin Dragon Ball FighterZ et ce malgré le temps requis pour sa maîtrise, c'est un jeu très exigeant et faut trouver le temps pour le doser ce qui peut faire fuir plus d'un aussi. Mais malheureusement XV2 n'ajoute pas assez de choses pour ma part par rapport au premier pour valoir le coup.

8 months 3 weeks ago

"Very little variation of combos, very repetitive. The story is frankly bad. 
The enemy is monstrous, anticipates all your actions, sometimes even unplayable during fights in 1v3"


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Yeah. Dimp's Xenoverse 2 is pretty much an upgrade with annoying additions that make playing the story really dull to re-play with the tutorials and forcing players to travel over the world to progress, its baffling that this is in the game when there was no effort at all to replace the bad stamina mechanic, Like surely they would know this to make the fighting more enjoyable and the fact that the network is just downright bad beyond repair. Without pvp its just more poorly executed modes like raids, expert and the normal quests that are better suited for Monster Hunter or any mmo. I didn't have friends that play it or had ones that quit so it was pretty much useless to play anymore.

Lets not forget that with the first in the series they decided to make the super saiyans have ki-drain which also made the enemies spam final flash's and such then base it on PS3 instead of making use of the Xbox One and PS4's power which vastly crippled the experience. How on earth that developers with history of DBZ games decided to put this in is beyond me. The continued support is kinda good but if they could do that I'm increasingly thinking they could've just focused all those resources on a sequel with a huge overhaul of the mechanics and destructive stages that are much more akin to the Tenkaichi titles. That the non-Xenoverse/ Budokai iterations (asides with Dragon Ball Fighterz which is very good, and faithful to the franchise) look and play much better on last generation consoles because its more akin to being in a proper Dragon Ball fight is very bizarre.


its a good game for the fans, its just got so many frustrating parts to it.


 The enemy is monstrous, anticipates all your actions, are those for real like

 The enemy is monstrous, anticipates all your actions, are those for real like

4 months 4 weeks ago

Dragon Ball had a major resurgence in popularity this year. It had a new movie which led into the Dragon Ball Super sequel series