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Developed by Dimp, this second album was released in October 2016 on PS4, Xbox one and PC, then in September 2018 on Switch.

DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 gives players the ultimate DRAGON BALL gaming experience! Develop your own warrior, create the perfect avatar, train to learn new skills & help fight new enemies to restore the original story of the DRAGON BALL series.


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Hello everyone,,

I’ve surprisingly have seen less hate for Ultra Instinct then I thought but it’s still out there and I’m here to tell them my opinion

Ultra instinct is a smart, well planned, and a non asspull transformation.

Here me out.

So in the beginning of super

ps. I recommend watching the Battle of Gods movie and the Revival of F movie instead of wasting your time watching the utter garbage that is these two arcs in the anime.

Anyways back to the beginning of super, me being me watched the beginning meticulously as I am and was a super fan of all dragon ball like many of you. There are multiple instances where Ultra Instinct is hinted at and subtly teased.

For example...

episode 5

Terrible animation but Goku charges at Beerus and flush backwards and even says himself that he didn’t mean to retreat and his body just did it. Beerus confirms that he his smart of doing this because he would have killed Goku there if he continued to charge and he was also surprised Goku did that as he wasn’t able to sense god ki at the time

Another one is when Whis is sparring with Goku and Vegeta

Not sure of exact episode but he says that the goal of their training is to have their bodies move without thinking. He was basically explaining to them what Ultra Instinct was. Whis has it and he wanted them to have even going as far as explains Beerus didn’t even have it yet but was close.

Another one, is the episode where Goku has his eyes closed and was just walking everywhere getting groceries and trying to find Hit or someone. There’s a point where bulma hits him with her car I think and gets out to yell at him. When she goes to hit him he moves out of the way and is shocked he did it himself as he was going to just stand there and take it. He was confused.

There are probably more examples of it but I’m too lazy to go and find them all by rewatching.

So that basically means that it wasn’t out of nowhere, and on to why it isn’t an asspull.

Goku has succesfully made a super spirit bomb that was extremely powerful. He then fell into the spirit bomb and took the blast head on which then presumably sent him to another dimension or something

When he came back he had ultra instinct omen

Now, it makes sense that absorbing that much power would do that to him but we’re not told if he actually absorbed it or not. The easiest way of describing to would be this.

After taking the blast head on Gokus body tapped into the power that Whis had talked about to keep him alive. Sort of like a failsafe. This would mean Goku had this power within him for a while. That could’ve happened when he trained with Whis. It would make sense because when Vegeta and Goku trades blows there is a scene where it is like Vegeta receives some of gokus god ki sort of explains how he is able to tap into the god power like Goku without the ritual. So that means theirs a good chance Goku was transferred that Ultra Instinct power from Whis. So him tapping into it after getting hit with that spirit bomb makes a lot of sense thinking of it like that.

Boom not an asspull, it’s all explained with a little bit of paying attention.

Also it’s not overpowered cuz he can only hold ultra instinct for a little bit of time and it nearly kills him every time he uses its and now he can’t even use it or tap into it by himself.

Buenas tardes, me preguntaba si aqui podria reportar a un jugador de Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 que aparentemente utiliza mods en el juego. Saludos.

 The game is good, the gameplay is really better than the 1, many more combos than the list of combos, however we regret the lack of mythical character.

hello :) i mess the event where i could get the costume of paragus , is their any way i can get it in the futur ? like a DLC or something ?


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Valo CS
2 weeks 5 days ago

Hi Altair Andromed! we are saddened to hear that you've missed that event. We do not possess any possess concerning the event schedule for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, but we know that all the events turn themselves one after another, so is highly possible that it will come back in the future =) Thanks again for your precious time, if you have any question don't hesitate to drop a message at anytime =)

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Valo CS
2 weeks 5 days ago

Hello anthony88! Thanks for your valuable feedback, we are always happy to hear the direct opinions of our players =) Our top priority is to constantly improve our services and products so we do remark your words! We will be more than happy to forward this suggestion to the attention of our team, asking to keep it in mind during the future developing of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2! If you have more suggestions however feel free to write again, or get in touch with our customer support team through this LINK =)

thx for having answered me . by the way xenoverse 2 is a very nice game , i like also fighter Z in another style , and i w8 for the RPG ... but i am not in rush , i prefer to w8 a lot 4 a game and having a good title like those one ... those 4/5 last years DBZ games became much more better ! just bravo !