Dragon ball Fighterz

Thu 16/07/2020 - 10:09

So probably half of you people cant even understand what im about to say but whatever where to start hmm your games... are so subpar in connect and internet speed it pathetic... you (arcade fighting game) isnt even close to being what is should be on the fact its been out for 3 plus years still cant get a good server regardless are balencing chars how is Zbroly still the strongest char in the game and please explain to me why UI goku can get away with everything in the game besides you know have no weakness or always able to come on top of trades and resets considering 75% of makers of games dont even play the games they make would make sense here im and sure in this case im right because the game is hard and takes brain cells so you have to implement chars that are easy for you small brain playersi get it understand but can the ranking system hmm idk rank me vs players my skill lvl maybe or hmmm idk MMR system like 30+ other games have that make it work and do just fine with how they run it you cant honeslty tell me that fighterz was a great game when you cant give it a good netcode cant make good chars have the worse't i mean worse't roster ive ever seen in any dragon ballz game really 11 gokus are needed???? and only 4 vegetas WoW what a game developent go back to make mario games atleast there you belong on cut and pasting the most useless things in a game i cant understand game makers that dont listen to the player base and im sure your another commpany that does such so on this not i will nolong spend money or time to you shit games and poor game making abilty's when you have been running for this long and still cant find the right things to do when it comes to a game.