Doraemon is a Terminator sent back by adult Nobita to kill his future children.

Sat 26/10/2019 - 16:22

I've been a big fan of Doraemon when I was still snorting in elementary, it's a global franchise but just in case you haven't read it, here's a recap,the story premise is fairly simple: A kid calls Nobita met Sewashi Nobi- his great great grandchildren from the future (supposedly 4 generations away), Sewashi explained to him his life's gonna be all banged up with misfortune, from bad grades to marrying one of the ugliest girl (Chaiko) in the neighborhood to massive dept, wanting to help him turns thing around Sewashi introduced a robotic cat names Doraemon with access to unlimited future gadget. Doraemon was tasked with helping Nobita achieving better grades (go Asian!) and getting what he desires.

I grew up and watched a lot of time travel movies, reading fan fiction novel and argument on the internet about Time Paradox plot hole, it's been an itch to know why would Sewashi even sent Doraemon back to helps Nobita in the first place, because if Nobita doesn't marry Chaiko and plans to marry Shizuka (the prettiest girl in his class) instead, then how come Sewashi could be born ?