Does anyone know what's going on with this Ms Pacman machine?

Tue 30/07/2019 - 10:31

Hello everyone,,

I was recently at a bar with a Ms Pacman arcade machine. I went to play and to my surprise, all the assets in the game were reskinned. The main differences were:

  • Walls were jagged instead of smooth.

  • Ghosts had legs and ears.

  • Ghosts turned into pretzels instead of blue ghosts when a power pellet was consumed.

  • Power pellets were square.

  • Instead of fruit, the bonus items were pizza, ice cream, etc.

Very strange. I'm wondering if this is just a knock-off or if the game was modded in some way. The cabinet seemed normal on the outside (I think I may have even played on this one before and it was normal at the time...), and the title screen says "Wiz & Midway Mfg Co." Here are a few pictures.

Customer Service
Valo CS
6 months 2 weeks ago

 Hello Jhonmicky! Thanks for bringing this to our attention, what you saw surely is a non original software arcade machine. It is common nowadays to see them. Once they were original machinrs, with original images and paintings. After that somebody may have decided to change the motherboard, installing a different, but non original one.