Dissonance of the Nexus story trailer released

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe has unveiled a new story trailer ahead of the release of Dissonance of The Nexus - the forthcoming expansion pack for SWORD ART ONLINE: FATAL BULLET.


The new expansion will include a completely new scenario - with our heroes exploring a dungeon rumoured to be haunted. Deep in the dungeon, they begin to hear the voice of the long-departed Sachi. Is she alive? Was she ever dead? Or have they stumbled upon something far more sinister?


The expansion will be independent from the DLCs and will offer the players a completely fresh experience, with new characters appearing in the game for the first time.  


Dissonance Of The Nexus will be available to purchase from 18th January 2019. Fans will also be able to purchase the SWORD ART ONLINE: FATAL BULLET COMPLETE EDITION for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on the same date. The Complete Edition is available digitally and includes all previous DLCs and the new expansion Dissonance Of The Nexus.


A version for the Nintendo Switch will arrive in Summer 2019.


8 months 3 weeks ago

Is this included in the season pass? Or are you going to milk us once again.....

Bad news decyther if you read the other page that was published on September 2018 about the 5th anniversary it says it won’t be included in the season pass so they’re gonna milk is again

What a scam! I paid $85 on release date for a game & season pass (was only guaranteed 3 dlc) & I bought all the little extras as they dropped. The dlc leaves you with a cliffhanger & now you want an extra $20 for an "epilogue" & a bunch of packs I already own when had I waited I could have got it all for $70. Way to treat your loyal fans!