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Dark Souls 3 Unban Request

Thu 31/12/2020 - 00:18

Hello , so i want to play Dark Souls 3 again , but my Account was banned for Cheating , i used Cheat Engine to gain souls and upgrade every weapon and armor , I have a New PC and i´m not cheater anymore and i will never be again , i just want to create new character and play with my friend , so i want to ask if i can be unbanned , i will be never cheating anymore , just want to play fair.


Thank You.


My Steam account : 

4 weeks ago

Hey, I'd like to be unbanned, i was using a mod named "Cinders" for a while, I used it on online because i wanted to play with a friend the same mod, but once i finished it i removed it and i want to play without restrictions again. I play on steam, this is my profile: