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2 days 1 hour ago

I cant seem to get the POV Hat working on the Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas One with Xbox One version of Ace Combat 7: Skies unknown.
I bought this product because it is specifically recommended to play with this game and Namco have a special setting for it.
Now POV hat doesnt seem to work.  
I have looked at the controller settings and i have the switch set to XBOX not PC
I have loaded drivers on Window 7 and the POV hat works ok with the switch set to PC so mechanically it is good
What could be the problem in the game?

Customer Service
Meto CS
2 hours 42 min ago

Hello, Sarah,

Thank you for writing in the forums!


Worry not, the POV Hat button has no use in-game. You can only use in the game menu to switch between different selections, but while you are flying your plane, this button has no use. If you want to change your camera view, you can press the action button L2 and move the movement controller to look around.


Hope this helps! =)