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Mon 01/02/2021 - 13:40

Although the most basic of the three QuickBooks Desktop products, QuickBooks Pro is a fully functional software with all of the accounting maneuvers you or your business accountant might require. QuickBooks Pro is simple, doesn’t require previous accounting knowledge, but nevertheless, is robust, powerful, and can help you manage your business performance and expenses.
With QuickBooks Pro, you’ll be able to organize all of your accounting needs—from paying invoices and bills to viewing profit and loss statements to managing sales and other taxes. QuickBooks Pro can be installed on up to three computers and can be utilized by three users simultaneously.
Additionally, QuickBooks Pro can offer these notable capabilities:
Print checks, pay bills, track income and expenses
Track inventory, set reorder points, perform job costing, and create purchase orders
Track sales, sales taxes, and customer payments
Set up transactions for recurring billing, invoices, and estimates and accept payments
Pull in transactions from multiple business bank accounts and institutions
Generate advanced and automated reports
Set up reminders and notifications for taxes, to-do items, overdue payments, and more
Attach and store documents in your Document Center
Create an accountant copy of your company file
Create period copies and schedule backups
Utilize your windows open across multiple monitors
Set individual user permissions

Whereas QuickBooks Pro is the most simple of the Desktop offerings, QuickBooks Enterprise is the most advanced. In fact, according to Intuit, QuickBooks Enterprise has six times the capacity of the other QuickBooks products and can support up to 1 million list items, users, and vendors. Comparing QuickBooks Pro vs. Enterprise in that regard, Pro can only track up to 14,500 items.
Therefore, QuickBooks Enterprise is truly designed for larger small businesses, as well as those that are growing rapidly. On the whole, QuickBooks Enterprise can scale up to 30 full-access, simultaneous users, integrate with more than 180 apps, and offers three different plans (Desktop and Hosted).
QuickBooks Enterprise is available in Silver, Gold, and Platinum versions. Each of these versions has increasing functionality, at an increasing cost. The first plan, QuickBooks Enterprise Silver, includes the QuickBooks Enterprise software, QuickBooks Priority Circle Program, U.S.-based customer support, online backup data storage, and advanced reporting.
On the whole then, comparing QuickBooks Pro vs. Enterprise, QuickBooks Enterprise stands out in terms of the customization and advanced functionality it provides—including industry-specific features for contractors, manufacturing and wholesale, non-profits, and retail businesses.

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 QuickBooks Pro – This version of QuickBooks caters to small businesses with up to 3 users. The two variants available – Pro and Pro Plus can help accounting professionals to organize their accounting, expenses and maximize tax deductions, among others.

QuickBooks Premier – It is suitable for small and mid-sized organizations with up to 5 users. With QB Premier, the businesses can easily track the inventory items, manage the balance sheets, and categorize the financial data by departments, location, among others.

QuickBooks Enterprise – With up to 40 active users, QuickBooks Enterprise serves a wide range of industries from contractors, non-profits, and retail to manufacturing and wholesale. Business owners can set roles and permissions for each user according to their process and create advanced reports.

Features of QuickBooks Desktop vary with the different versions. Generally speaking, QuickBooks Pro is more of individual-oriented accounting software, and QuickBooks Enterprise means to serve the SMBs or accounting firms while QuickBooks Premier serves those lying in the middle range.

Even after choosing the appropriate QuickBooks version, there are certain tasks related to your business process that need to be completed. It is recommended to find suitable add-ons for the accounting requirements to help the users with such issues.

Moreover, hosting Cloud based QuickBooks can also optimize your process with various features such as automated backups, anytime anywhere access, device independence, etc.

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