Code Vein - Previous notice for October update patch (Ver. 1.04)

Character creation

  • Adding new creation accessories, color pallets and face paints featuring Halloween.
  • Adding a new function for hair parts that allows to use as left-right symmetry.

Code Vein Accessories

Code Vein - Costumes



  • Allowing to change partners at Mistle from the beginning.
  • Adding a new function to lock the map direction.
  • Adding a new function to turn off conversations during exploration.
  • Adding pop-up messages while getting abnormal conditions.
  • Changing the trigger conditions for “the Trial of Blood” .
  • Allowing to drain ichor from the sandbag during training .


Release timing for the patch would be end of October. More info will be released on the official site.

What about multiplayer fixes?

Since last patch many people on Steam (myself included) can't host games but able to join just fine and usual "fixes" do not help, like both players having to select same download region in Steam settings, etc.


I have the other way :)

i cant join others but they can join me :(

6 days 6 hours ago

im having the same issue on XBOX. i can join a random game, i can join a friend with password. but when i try to get anyone to join me it take about 10 failed attemps. any idea why this is happening. it seemed to start when the patch when up. 

5 days 9 hours ago

Rewatch cutscenes when? D: I love watching my character in these.. A quick summary in the hotsprings with some text and a picture is not enough!