Can't find Gundam Versus DLC on the Rewards Club

So I'm confused. I've googled how to get the Barbatos Lupus DLC, and keep getting links that send me to the Epic sign up page, and I can't find any rewards at all, never mind the free DLC I've heard about. In fact, I go to this page in the Support section, and it says that I can still get this DLC, but I can't find it anywhere! I went to the Bandai Store page as well, and if I type in 'Gundam v' (about to type Gundam versus), the DLC pack appears in the suggestions, but takes me to the home page instead! 

What's going on?!

Customer Service
Meto CS
7 months ago

Hello, Abyssal_Key


 While the EP!C section of our website is being worked on, you can still download our digital free products. We offer a wide variety of DLCs - you can check them all HERE.

If you are looking specifically for the Gundam Versus DLC, you can download it HERE.


Hope this helps! =)

I'm talking with someone from support via email about this right now, but the link only ever send me to a 404 Page. He's given some suggestions such as clearing browser history and cached files before trying again, as well as changing browser; what happened then is that it almost loaded the screen, I could see the DLC 'poster' appearing with a link next to it, and then it stopped loading, took it all off screen and replaced it with the 404 again.

I'll probably have to wait for all the updates to finish and for the site to get cleaned up before it will work. How long do you think that will take?


Customer Service
Andy CS
7 months ago

Hello Abyssal,



If it doesn't work, get in touch with us again and we'll provide you with a key.

Feel free to reference this thread.

All the best 

I went out of my way to get the Premium Sound G Edition just because I like the extra soundtracks and I wanted to get Barbatos Lupus early. And I'm definitely going to purchase the DLC units as much as I can so I can keep showing my support. And you bet your ass I'm going to do it again when the US version finally rolls out cleanmaster.

Hi, I have the same issue and the links doesn't work. The Gundam Versus game is not even listed on Bandai Namco page anymore... 

 Hello, Dynamixx88,


The reason for the not-working link is that we have updated our EP!C page and have moved our content to a different location. Now you can find all of our free DLCs HERE.

The Gundam Versus DLC is located HERE. ;)