Bandai Namco Nordic will be at Närcon Sommar 2019 in Sweden!

Wed 03/07/2019 - 15:10

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Hey there peeps, your friendly neighbourhood Community Manager in the Nordics here! I just wanted to announce that we'll be heading to Närcon Sommar located in Linköping, Sweden on the 25th of July to share the fun times of the festival during the whole weekend!

Närcon is a completely unique event. With over 500 activities, from lectures and stage-shows to games and tournaments, it is the best meeting place for everyone any anyone with nerdy interests!

To enhance our motto, "More Fun 4 Everyone" we've decided to bring our own Bandai Namco-booth all equipped with several exciting gaming-stations, a roof-top chill area and plenty of pleasant surprises for those who come by! Another surprise albeit bloodier will be that you will be able to play our upcoming Action RPG-title, Code Vein! Take the chance to become one of the first players to try and outlive and outwit the dangerous Revenants in the world of Vein.

                                                        Click on the picture below to watch the TRAILER

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But hey, that's not all! What would a festival be without its exciting activities? 

These activities will be on top of our regular booth schedule (10:00 - 18:00)! You can easily check out our SPECIAL ACTIVATIONS schedule here:

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To start things off we'll be holding the Man of Medan showcase on Friday 26/7 at 22:00 in room C4 AND on Saturday 27/7 at 16:00 in Kårallen! Welcome to a night filled with spooky terrors awaiting to make you scream! During our showcase you'll be experiencing at first hand an exclusive, interactive collective gaming experience where your choices can and will fundamentally change the outcome of the night! Remember, there are always repercussions! 

                                                       Click on the picture below to watch the TRAILER.

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Following up our spooky showings will be our super fun Ni No Kuni panel on Saturday 26/7 at 12:00 in room C2 where you can join us on a magical journey through the wonders of the world renowned game series, Ni no kuni! Let us enchant you with captivating stories and lore about one of level-5 and studio ghibli’s biggest endavours into the world of gaming and who knows... you might not go home empty handed!

                                                       Click on the picture below to watch the TRAILER.

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With all of that said, it would be my pleasure to have you over at our booth, our activities and have you and your friends join in on the Bandai Namco fun! We will be uploading a lot of content from the event so if you wish to follow us for more action while everything is happening, be sure to check out our Social Channels here:

Hope to see you there!

/ Joy Bratt Martinez,

Community Manager at Bandai Namco Entertainment Nordic